Few Visualization Tips – To Attract abroad trips


In this post, I want to share my experience on how I have attracted abroad trips using the most powerful LOA technique – Visualization. It was back in 2009 I have come across “The secret” book and I started using my favorite visualization technique to attract things. These visualization tips are simple but very powerful if you keep practicing it.

Step1: Choose your desired country of travel, let us take the USA for an example here.

Step2: Choose the city you would like to visit, ex: Chicago

Step3: Visit google maps and type “Chicago”, if you would like to go “Bucktown”(or the county you want to visit) move the cursor and maximize the place

Step4: Now you will be able to see the streets, avenues of the place.

Step5:  Now maximize the street and feel that you are roaming around the street, you are going to Mcd/KFC and ordering a burger. A Chinese girl at counter smiles at you and asking you “Take away” or “Dine-in” in the Chinese accent. You are saying “Take Away”, then you are paying using your card

Step6: Now, you are coming out of the restaurant and having your burger and drinking the hot coffee. It is winter in Chicago now, drinking coffee amidst the chill weather is super awesome. You feel so good and walking towards your apartment

Step7: You are doing all these by closing your eyes after seeing the street in google maps and “feel” the chill weather

Step8: Repeat this for every day for few mins

Step9: After few days, open your passport and touch the page where you want your visa to be stickered. Feel that you are getting your visa and your heart is filled with happiness and joy

Step10: Visualize, you are getting your visa and tickets, going to airport and waving your hands to you beloved friends/families came for your send-off, drinking your favorite drink inside the aircraft, landing in Chicago airport and connecting the free-Wifi and changing your WhatsApp and FB status as “Landed in Chicago”, calling your family back in India thru Whatsapp or Viber informing them that you have landed safely, going to the immigration counter and seeing a mid-aged American sitting there, you are smiling at him and giving your passport, he gives you the clearance and you say thanks to him and heading to taxi area to catch a taxi to your apartment.

Do all these in visualization. You will attract your abroad trips very easily and soon you will fly to your desired countries. All the very best for your travel 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.



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