Universal Friend – Two methods to befriend the Universe!

Who is a best friend? The one who cares for you, the one who are with you to share your happiness and success, the one who will listen and give you the shoulder whenever you needed. Most importantly, the one who is with you when the world is against you.  All of us in this life has got such friends.

But life is larger than friendship. The universe is even larger than the life. How good would it be if you can befriend the universe? There will be only one difference between the Universe as a friend and a human as a friend. Human friendship might fade away or leave you. But the universe will never leave you if you follow few practices.

I have listed two methods to befriend the Universe. if you keep practicing these and if you are able to master these practices you will have a new friend for your life forever, named as “The Universe”.

1.Nature Method:  

We love when it rains or we fall in love when we see a butterfly. We travel to a hill station to see the beauty of nature. We love nature in few things only. But if you want to befriend the Universe, you should observe the tiny things in our day-to-day life. In a day, how many times have you spoken to nature? Have you ever said a hello to a tree?  or Have you ever spoken to a fallen leaf?  If your heart blossoms like a flower whenever you hear a sound of a little bird, then it means you are aligned with nature. Start to look out of the window.  Most of us trying to find answers for our problems to others. But if you are aligned with nature, all your unanswered questions will be answered. If you are able to communicate with nature, you are in the friend’s list of the Universe 🙂

2. Fun Method:

A friend who brings happiness also brings the fun.  The Universe loves fun. To become a friend of Universe, leave your ego behind you and have a kid-like attitude. Have fun with your work. Have fun with the people around you. Laugh out loud when you read a Joke. Never restrict yourself for others. Other people cannot be you. They cannot live your dream. If you want to be happy forever, all you need is to do some changes in you. You are reading this article because you want a change in Life. Change is always tough in the beginning, but the best part of the change is when you embrace it with a little fun(in fact more fun) that change will bring much happiness to your mind, soul and body.

When you do things with fun and laughter, you are inching closer to the Universe. In other words, the Universe is inching closer to you. Yes, you are attracting the best friend, Universe to you. Have fun 🙂

If you have the friendship with Universe all your desires will come true. All your dreams will come into reality. It is that simple.

I hope you will have a new friend for life soon. I forgot to mention something, the other name of Universe is God 🙂

Have a friendly week ahead friends 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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