Two practices to overcome Anxiety – Power of “Now”

I recently traveled to a village in South India. I met a man there in his late eighties who is a well-known traveler. The best part is all his journey in his Life is by Walk. He never traveled in any of the public transport.  He walked from down south of India to the northern most part of India. I asked him one question. Which is the best place he has ever visited in his long journey of over 50 years? He answered quietly, “I love the Journey rather than the destination”. How true it is! We all have a desire in our heart and running towards that all the time but have we ever think about the Journey?

If you want to reach a good destination your journey should be a good one. We have heard from many that “Tough road leads to best place”. Agreed. The road can be a tougher one, but it is YOU who can make the journey a happier one and that will lead you to reach your destination quickly and make your destination a happier place.

We all want to achieve something in our life and all the time we are running towards that, be it a career, business success, earning Money or a better relationship. All the time we are thinking about the future and missing the precious moment called “Now”. Now is nothing but the Journey! If you want to make more money, you should think about the money you have and feel good about it. But if you feel that you have less money then you will become restless or anxious about your future.

In this article, I have listed two practices which will help you to think about the Now and eliminate the anxiety of thinking about the future all the time.

  1. Zero Worry: Whenever you started thinking about your future and unable to control your thoughts just think that you have ZERO worries.  Tell yourself you are a worry free person who is destined for happiness every single moment. By doing this, you are bringing back your mind to the present and you will start thinking about the present.You will start loving the current reality in front of you rather than thinking about the future. Always remember, you are not living in your past or future you are living in present. By worrying about your future will kill your present and eventually it will have a negative impact on your future too! So tell yourself “I am a ZERO worries person and I live in this moment”.

2.KOT Method: Wonder what is KOT? It is “Killing overthinking”. Yes, we must crush the overthinking. It is one of the unwanted habits we have developed because of the external factors. You would have seen in your family/friends few are always thinking thinking thinking unnecessarily. All the time they think about one or the other things or think about others. Do you think you can change others by this overthinking? or Do you think things will change if you keep on thinking about something which you cannot change? Then there is no point in overthinking. Overthinking kills your present peacefulness and brings more worries and health issues to you.

To overcome this, whenever you feel you are overthinking take a piece of paper and start writing about the thing/people which make you overthink. Write it as a paragraph without having a full-stop. Keep writing all the garbage thoughts coming into your mind. Once you completed see the size of the paragraph. It will be definitely more than 20 lines and you will realize you are wasting your precious “NOW” and thinking something which is controlling your mind and soul. Tear that paper and throw it away. Have a deep breath. You will feel much ease. Do this KOT method whenever overthinking trying to take control over you. You will kick this habit out of you very soon.

(Note: I am not talking about the positive thinking or visualization here, this overthinking is something which you do for nothing, which you know very well it is not needed but still you think over and over, so do not confuse this unwanted habit with Visualization 🙂 )

We should know the importance of “Now” which I mentioned above as Journey. If you keep thinking only about your destination you will lose the precious things in front of you and ended up in your destination empty-handed.

Additional Note:

Some of us always think about our enemies and keep waiting to hear their defeat. Being a LOA practitioner we should bless our enemy and move on! If you feel happy only if your enemy is down, it means all your energy is focused on your overthinking of your enemies defeat. You will lose your happiness until you hear the defeat of your enemy! In fact, this planet has no enemies. An enemy is a reflection of your own character. If you see something not going your way with a person then you “consider” them as your enemy.  If you are a real positive thinker feel happy when your enemy wins!

Live in the present and be happy!

Have a great weekend ahead 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.



3 thoughts on “Two practices to overcome Anxiety – Power of “Now””

  1. The best part of your article is finding a key words like ‘zero worries’, ‘KOT method’. People like me may read the entire and just forgot what it tries to say. But when we recollecting those key words later will understand what exactly have to do. Very simple and convincing writing as usual. Way to go brother?

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