You+LOA=Financial Freedom

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Today, my third book on “Law of Attraction” series, got published in Amazon.
It is a kindle ebook named as below:

You+LOA=Financial Freedom

This book talks about how one can manifest wealth into their life using the law of attraction and achieve financial freedom. 20 unique practices have been given in this book which can help you achieve your financial goals.

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Rajesh Vairapandian.
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Free E-Book on Law of Attraction

Visualization Book


Hello Amazing Souls,

I am delighted to share you all that my Amazon best-selling Kindle ebook “30 Powerful Visualization Practices” will be FREE for next 3 days(23rd June to 25th June). Don’t miss this opportunity and grab a copy!

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30 Powerful Visualization Practices – New E-Book

Today is world book day, I am super excited and happy to share that my first book in Law of Attraction got published now on Amazon. It is a kindle ebook. This is a series of 3 books and the next book will be published soon. Please read and share the feedback of the book.

Amazon Link(For people residing in India):

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Why should you read this book?

1.Working hard but not earning more money
2.Want to Improve Relationship
3.Looking for a career growth
4.Want to visit many countries
5.Looking for a Dream Job
6.Looking for a life partner (soul mate)
7.Unable to overcome painful past
8.Have many goals but unable to achieve them
9.Unable to control the anger
10.Want to be happy for every single minute

If your answer is YES for any of the above, then this book (guide) is for you.

This book(guide) has 30 powerful visualization practices to manifest your desires. You can use these for attracting your soul mate, excel in your career, boost your business sale, have a perfect health, manifesting Money and more. In a nutshell, you can use these practices to attract abundance into your life.

God Bless You.
Rajesh Vairapandian


How to focus on end result – Few Visualization Tips

All of us have wishes, desires, goals in all aspects of Life. When we expect some change in our life we look for the solutions around and expect our desired results to be reached so soon. However, most of us having issues in getting our expected results.As per Law of Attraction, we should always focus on the end result, but most of the time our conscious mind raise the doubt as “How”. Our conscious mind is much interested in pushing us to think about the “How”. Here I have listed few tips to eliminate “How” and shift our focus only on “End Result/Goal” using Visualization.


Scenario: You are thinking to buy a Mercedes-Benz Car or a Bungalow, Your monthly earning is 25000 Rupees.

Issue: You have read about LOA, doing visualization, being grateful for all the things you have in your life and waiting for the Universe/God to send you, your dream car or bungalow. But most of the time your mind asking you the how. “I earn 25k per month, how will I have a 25Lakh car? or who will give me money to buy a bungalow. These are the issues you have often even though you are into a positive state of mind most of the time.

Solution: As per LOA, your job is to “Ask, Believe & Receive” only. You need not think about the “how” it will be taken care by Universe. The Universe will move the right people and circumstances to get your wish fulfilled. So in this case, Just visualize the end result.

What will you do if the car is at your doorstep? You will buy a garland and put it on the front bonnet and take the car to temple. After that, you will take your parents or beloved ones in that car and be going for a city drive. Your heart is filled with happiness and you drive your car with utmost care as it is a new car. You play the favorite songs and feel the chilled air inside the cabin. Never ever have a second thought how all this will happen. If you think so, you are blocking your car! Also, always believe once you asked, it will be given to you. But when you ask for it, add as much “details” you can. For example, you want to have a “red” color car and the number plate has “4444” number etc.


Scenario: You are trying for a Job in Google Corporation and your skill set is Java.

Issue: You came to know Google stop recruiting Java skilled professionals. So the Mr.Negative wakes up in your mind and started laughing at you. All your energy level goes down immediately from happiness state, you feel very low within few minutes after reading that info from Google.

Solution: Your job is to think the end-result. You got the job offer from google, you inform all of your friends, buying good outfits, wearing that ID card, with much happiness and joy you are going to the office for the first day. Visualize all these. Period. “How” this will happen is not our Job!!! : )


Scenario: You are having back pain for several months

Issue: All the time you are focusing on your pain and sharing your pain with your friends and keep on multiplying the pain. Your conscious mind says ” I had a tablet, but why my pain is not reduced or gone?” Why why why all the time you self-doubt and focusing on pain.

Solution: Never focus on the pain. Be happy for nothing. Happiness heals. Watch comedy serials/clips and laugh out loud. Laughter and happiness are the best medicine. Also, focus on the end result, that is your perfect body. Visualize what and all will you do if your back is healed!, You will walk faster in that staircase, You touch your toes. While taking a shower you touch your back and feel it is healed and stronger than ever. By focusing on your healthy body in your mental state, your physical body will start healing itself.

Scenario: Your parents looking for an alliance for you for several months

Issue: You always have doubt in your mind how will you get the perfect partner. He/She will understand you or not, will he/she love& care me?

Solution: Visualize your mom is knocking your door in an early Sunday morning. You got up from your bed and opening the door with sleepy eyes. Your mom hand over a photograph of your life partner and ask you whether you like him/her or not. You like him on the first sight and you are amazed that this was the picture you were holding on your mind. Soon their family comes to your house and you meet him/her and you both spend some time alone for a quick first chat. He/she answers you the way you wanted. All his/her questions were your expected questions and you got that “feel” and you are on cloud nine! Wow, your parents have shown you the best life partner you were always looking for! After your marriage, you both get the blessings of elders by touching their feet and your heart is filled with happiness.

I hope these tips will help you to focus only on “end result” rather than thinking on the “How”. Thanks to all the teachers/coaches/friends who have taught me this. Have a wonderful weekend ahead with loads of happiness! 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

The Game of Money – Money Attraction Tips – Part:1

Art Credit: Komal Gandhi

Quick Little Story 🙂

When the match referee Clive Lloyd announced that Srilanka has won the match against India in the world cup semifinal match back in 1996, Vinod Kambli was the not out batsman who was on the crease, cried like a kid and ran towards the pavilion. Entire Indian cricket fans were crying and stunned to watch that heartbreaking scene. We were sitting on the terrace of our Uncle’s house in the village we lived and we all were in tears. One of our friends, Kirsh was the only guy has not watched that match and busy reading something. I went to him and asked him what is the book he read which is more important than Cricket. He said, “Think and Grow Rich” a book about Money. I never thought he would read a book in English and years passed by I left my village to city in pursuit of my higher studies. He failed in his tenth standard and discontinued his studies.

Fifteen years later, I met him at a marriage function and we were talking about our school days. He asked me one question “Have you achieved what you want in life?” I was not having an immediate answer but I said: “I think I have achieved at least a half”. He smiled and I asked him the same question, his response made me raised my eyebrows. He replied immediately “Yes, I am the only millionaire in my town”.  I was astonished by that answer. He failed in the tenth standard. He was not a brilliant chap, but how he became a millionaire? My curiosity level raised and he understood the questions arise in my mind. “I became a millionaire last year, but I knew I am going to be the first millionaire when I was 16 years old”.

He went on to explain how badly he wanted to earn more money and he grows with that one thought all the time. He had set himself one goal and every day he grows into that one single goal. To make more money. To become a millionaire. He joined as a salesman in a mobile shop in the nearby town and learned in and out of the mobile business. Then he loaned some money and opened a mobile shop in his small town. It was during that time mobile market skyrocketed in India and he played the game wisely and now he owns four mobile shops and he is a proud first millionaire of his town.

In this case, he had one vision. He wanted to become a millionaire. He planted the money tree into his sub-conscious in a very early age and it has grown along with him. Hence, he has become a millionaire.

We all want to make money. We practice various money attracting practices but few are attracting the money they want. Others stop doing the practice or lost interest or work hard to earn the same peanuts which they were earning before the law of attraction practice.

In this article, I have listed few important money attracting practices which will help you to attract the money in a quicker time. Before getting into the practices, please eliminate the following thoughts if in case you still have in your mind.[Remember, being a Law of Attraction Practitioner, you are a Money Magnet – all the time]

“Money is evil”,  “Money only comes from hard work” – All these kind of your predefined thought(mindset) should be removed and now you are going to approach the practices with an open mindset.

1. Wallet Treasure:  Do you carry a wallet or handbag with you? If yes, always have few higher denomination notes. Example: Have a few five hundreds or thousand rupees notes. Do not spend this money for any of your expenses. Just have these all the time in your wallet and whenever you see it or touch it feel that you are the richest person in the world. Feel it from your heart. Name this money as magic money and never use it. Your magic money is for you to feel and attract more abundance into your life. It is a treasure you have found. It is a sign that Universe/God will provide you more money. It is an indicator that you are on the right path to reach the destination where you will have plenty of Money.

2. Small is Big: We always give our focus to the higher denomination notes.However, coins play the important role in attracting money. Recently, when I was cleaning up my couch I found a two dollar coin. I felt so happy and I started to be grateful for finding that. I thanked God several times and I felt like I have found a hidden treasure.  Later that day I checked my bank account and to my surprise, I have received 500 rupees from a direct cash deposit. I could not find out who has done that and a few days later my friend messaged me that he has deposited that money (which I have given months ago) and forgot to inform me. I believed the power of Universe/God that day, as we know God has no difference between 1 dollar or a million dollar, it is our belief system we had instilled that one is small and a million is huge. So appreciate and be grateful if you find coins in your room or garden.

3. Target Date:  Have a target date to attract the amount of Money. Start with a low amount first once you achieve it, your subconscious mind will start believing it and gradually you can increase the amount.

Example:  100$ in 30 days. Then double it once you attracted your first 100.

4. Money Groups:  There are plenty of groups in facebook for money. Subscribe and keep an eye every day what others talk/share about money. This will make your mind in focus on money-related things for most of the time. You have decided to make more money so it will be good if you are in a like-minded group.

5. Visualization: This is the base for all the above practices. Do visualization only for attracting money every day. Example: Every day early morning for the next 30 days you are going to do visualization only for attracting the Money. You feel great that you have filled with money and money comes to you easily. You are spending that money for all the good things you wanted to do. You spend that money for charity or spending that money for buying a house for your mom all those desires should keep running in your mind.

Back in 2009, I wanted to buy a Car and I did not have a single rupee in my hand. But I knew one thing, I am going to buy a red color car in 2010 and I will be traveling in that car to my office, I will meet my friends, I will go to my hometown in that Car. I have done visualization in this way and attracted the car. God/Universe has arranged the circumstances and the car had reached me in July 2010.  The Car is another form of Money. So, be crystal clear on how much of money you need and when you need and for what you need that money. You will attract it for sure.

I hope these practices will be helpful for you, I will share few more tips tomorrow in Part 2, how to segregate weekly/monthly/yearly money receiving ways.

Have a great day Money Magnets 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.