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In Law of attraction, we have this three step process. Ask-Believe-Receive.  We are all very good in the first and last step. We are masters in asking and we are open to receive. But the most critical and important step is the middle one – BELIEVE. This is the step most of us missing by the pre-defined mindset or the thoughts planted in our subconscious from our childhood. In this article, we are going to see how we can overcome our old belief patterns and make our sub-conscious believe our desired outcome.

We are taking an example here to understand it better. For example, you would like to manifest an iPhone.

Step 1:

ASK: Be specific to the universe. The universe loves the details. So, you are asking an iPhone, golden color, 2017 made, you want the iPhone in 15 days, you are getting it as a gift, gift wrapper is in green color with flower deign on it. What is the purpose of this iPhone, you need to have this phone to call your loved ones, take it to your college/workplace, click pictures with your friends, capture the fun time video, and you plug it for the charge when you sleep at the night. Think all this while asking.

BELIEVE: You believe your iPhone is on the way. Do you think it is enough for this step2? As mentioned above, this is the most important step in this process. Now you should add few “ingredients” to this wonderful piece of cake! You should “feel” that you have “already” possessed an iPhone! You should add the “emotion” into your feeling and the emotion is nothing but “HAPPINESS”. Wowwwww  I have got an iPhone, I hold it in my hands! Clicking wonderful pics on the iPhone! Yaayyyyy I love this golden color, I love talking on this phone with my friends. I am watsapping in this brand new iPhone! Be ecstatic! Shout in Joy! Dance like a kid! We all have born to live a happy life, who will scold you if you are in a happy state of mind all the time!  So the ingredients are happiness/Joy/ecstatic/child-mindset.

RECEIVE: You know it is coming, you know you will get it, but you should know this. You should have “space” for your manifested iPhone. Before you receive it on your hand, be grateful for the phone you have been using and be grateful for the iPhone you have in your Sub-Conscious. Thank every minute that you are having a brand new phone. Think a place in your handbag or decide in which pocket of your Jean, where you are going to have your phone once it is manifested.

Step 2:


Now, you have asked, believed and ready for receiving. But days are flying fast and no result. You are still using your Samsung phone and waiting for iPhone. Why does this happen? For more than 99% of us, we are very good in asking and ready to receive. But when it comes to “Believe” that is where we lack and that is where we slip the manifestation. So whenever you feel your manifestation takes time, it means your mind and soul is not synced with the universe. To sync it, use this technique to raise your vibration.

This is the technique I used to do whenever I want to raise my vibration. It is very simple (and looks silly, though 😉 )

I press my left-hand Thumb and close my eyes for few minutes. I press it with my right hand very hard and it starts to pain. I visualize the pain is started to spread from my thumb to my forearm, to my left shoulder, and to my entire body. Now I replace the “pain” with “happiness medicine” this is the medicine which is starting from my thumb to my entire body. While it spread across, it is waking up my “Sleeping cells” and all the cells are started to glowing/dancing/jumping with joy like a plant gets it first rain! Immediately my body gets positive vibration and all the cells are making me sync with happiness and ultimately with the universe. (Remember we are an extension of the Universe!!!)

Now, I have Goosebumps and all the organs of the body are filled with the positive vibration. I feel it. My heart is filled with overjoyed emotion and so does my soul. All my cells are like a puppy waiting for the owner’s order! Now that, they have got my order and the order is to be happy and they all changed their face from dim to super bright!

Once I get into this state, I think about the iPhone is thrown from the Universe to me and I am running like a ten-year-old boy running to catch the kite.  That is it!  Ten minutes before your body and soul were in low vibration and now you are a glowing human!!

Try this simple technique and replace the iPhone example with whatever you need in your life. All your desires will be fulfilled and you will do your manifestation in super fast mode. All the very best and keep smiling all the minute like your cute cells inside your body!! : )


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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