The Game of Money – Money Attraction Tips – Part:1

Art Credit: Komal Gandhi

Quick Little Story 🙂

When the match referee Clive Lloyd announced that Srilanka has won the match against India in the world cup semifinal match back in 1996, Vinod Kambli was the not out batsman who was on the crease, cried like a kid and ran towards the pavilion. Entire Indian cricket fans were crying and stunned to watch that heartbreaking scene. We were sitting on the terrace of our Uncle’s house in the village we lived and we all were in tears. One of our friends, Kirsh was the only guy has not watched that match and busy reading something. I went to him and asked him what is the book he read which is more important than Cricket. He said, “Think and Grow Rich” a book about Money. I never thought he would read a book in English and years passed by I left my village to city in pursuit of my higher studies. He failed in his tenth standard and discontinued his studies.

Fifteen years later, I met him at a marriage function and we were talking about our school days. He asked me one question “Have you achieved what you want in life?” I was not having an immediate answer but I said: “I think I have achieved at least a half”. He smiled and I asked him the same question, his response made me raised my eyebrows. He replied immediately “Yes, I am the only millionaire in my town”.  I was astonished by that answer. He failed in the tenth standard. He was not a brilliant chap, but how he became a millionaire? My curiosity level raised and he understood the questions arise in my mind. “I became a millionaire last year, but I knew I am going to be the first millionaire when I was 16 years old”.

He went on to explain how badly he wanted to earn more money and he grows with that one thought all the time. He had set himself one goal and every day he grows into that one single goal. To make more money. To become a millionaire. He joined as a salesman in a mobile shop in the nearby town and learned in and out of the mobile business. Then he loaned some money and opened a mobile shop in his small town. It was during that time mobile market skyrocketed in India and he played the game wisely and now he owns four mobile shops and he is a proud first millionaire of his town.

In this case, he had one vision. He wanted to become a millionaire. He planted the money tree into his sub-conscious in a very early age and it has grown along with him. Hence, he has become a millionaire.

We all want to make money. We practice various money attracting practices but few are attracting the money they want. Others stop doing the practice or lost interest or work hard to earn the same peanuts which they were earning before the law of attraction practice.

In this article, I have listed few important money attracting practices which will help you to attract the money in a quicker time. Before getting into the practices, please eliminate the following thoughts if in case you still have in your mind.[Remember, being a Law of Attraction Practitioner, you are a Money Magnet – all the time]

“Money is evil”,  “Money only comes from hard work” – All these kind of your predefined thought(mindset) should be removed and now you are going to approach the practices with an open mindset.

1. Wallet Treasure:  Do you carry a wallet or handbag with you? If yes, always have few higher denomination notes. Example: Have a few five hundreds or thousand rupees notes. Do not spend this money for any of your expenses. Just have these all the time in your wallet and whenever you see it or touch it feel that you are the richest person in the world. Feel it from your heart. Name this money as magic money and never use it. Your magic money is for you to feel and attract more abundance into your life. It is a treasure you have found. It is a sign that Universe/God will provide you more money. It is an indicator that you are on the right path to reach the destination where you will have plenty of Money.

2. Small is Big: We always give our focus to the higher denomination notes.However, coins play the important role in attracting money. Recently, when I was cleaning up my couch I found a two dollar coin. I felt so happy and I started to be grateful for finding that. I thanked God several times and I felt like I have found a hidden treasure.  Later that day I checked my bank account and to my surprise, I have received 500 rupees from a direct cash deposit. I could not find out who has done that and a few days later my friend messaged me that he has deposited that money (which I have given months ago) and forgot to inform me. I believed the power of Universe/God that day, as we know God has no difference between 1 dollar or a million dollar, it is our belief system we had instilled that one is small and a million is huge. So appreciate and be grateful if you find coins in your room or garden.

3. Target Date:  Have a target date to attract the amount of Money. Start with a low amount first once you achieve it, your subconscious mind will start believing it and gradually you can increase the amount.

Example:  100$ in 30 days. Then double it once you attracted your first 100.

4. Money Groups:  There are plenty of groups in facebook for money. Subscribe and keep an eye every day what others talk/share about money. This will make your mind in focus on money-related things for most of the time. You have decided to make more money so it will be good if you are in a like-minded group.

5. Visualization: This is the base for all the above practices. Do visualization only for attracting money every day. Example: Every day early morning for the next 30 days you are going to do visualization only for attracting the Money. You feel great that you have filled with money and money comes to you easily. You are spending that money for all the good things you wanted to do. You spend that money for charity or spending that money for buying a house for your mom all those desires should keep running in your mind.

Back in 2009, I wanted to buy a Car and I did not have a single rupee in my hand. But I knew one thing, I am going to buy a red color car in 2010 and I will be traveling in that car to my office, I will meet my friends, I will go to my hometown in that Car. I have done visualization in this way and attracted the car. God/Universe has arranged the circumstances and the car had reached me in July 2010.  The Car is another form of Money. So, be crystal clear on how much of money you need and when you need and for what you need that money. You will attract it for sure.

I hope these practices will be helpful for you, I will share few more tips tomorrow in Part 2, how to segregate weekly/monthly/yearly money receiving ways.

Have a great day Money Magnets 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.


Manifestation – Three Simple Rules


Art Credit: Komal Gandhi

I have manifested a cheque recently which was eight times higher than the amount I have asked for. After receiving that I did a self-analysis on how this has happened. The result of the self-analysis has taught me one thing very clear. Manifestation happens only if you follow few rules diligently.  It happens only if your alignment with Universe should be on a constant basis and if you never allow others into your own desire. Manifestation happens if you master your own thought.

We all know “Thoughts Become Things” but have we ever analyzed it in detail? Have we ever stick on to one thought for continuous time? Thoughts will definitely become things if the thought has been your primary thought for the whole day and night. It will become things if you add the feeling into it. Thoughts that are primary will be believed by your subconscious mind and the magic will begin.

In this article, I have listed three simple rules for faster manifestation.

  1. Goals Vs Definite Goals: If you have a goal, well you are on the track. But only if you have a “definite” goal then you can consider yourself as you are on the right track/direction.  A few years back I visited one of the top universities in Chennai for a guest lecture. I asked the students what their goal is, being the computer science department students they all shouted their goal as one they wanted to join a Multi-National IT company as a Software Engineer. Then I asked them which company? Which location? With what salary package? None of them were able to answer it immediately. This is the difference between Goals Vs Definite Goals. Want to join a Software Company is a goal. Want to join IBM at Mumbai with 7,00,000 Rupees as salary, will be joining in July 1st – this is the definite goal. It is simple, you should be having a crystal clear of your goal with every detail of it. So for manifestation, you should be having a definite goal. Refer your goal notebook and read out all the goals you have listed. Check if every goal has a clear image on your mind with clear details. If not, it is not considered as a goal and your manifestation takes much longer or it will never happen.

Another example I want to share here, recently I was doing manifestation for getting a Job for one of my friends. All the time I visualize for it and one of my other friend messaged me saying that he has got the job. I realized the power of manifestation and also my mistake. My mistake was, I had a goal of getting a job for my friend. But I have not had a clear image on my friend’s detail during visualization and Universe has accepted my command and manifest a Job for my other friend! So, you should always have a clear image of what you asked for, that is what I call it as Definite Goal.

2.My Time: In a daily basis, how many minutes you spend time only with YOU. When I say “you” it should be only you, not even your mobile or books. Never allow anyone else during your “my time”. It is the most precious and important time in your life.  Even your beloved ones are not allowed during this time. It is dedicated to you and you only. During this, “my time” speak to your self or just listen to yourself.

Do not ask too many questions to you and confuse your inner being :), You should feel light, you should feel calm and your whole body should be in a positive vibration state. If you are like this, then consider it as your time. Instead, if you think of your manager or your next task for the day or your past experience or being in anxiety then it is not considered as “my time”.  So this precious time is for you and yourself.

I have learned this from one of my friends, who will never allow anyone during this time.  Remember, your lovely puppy is also not allowed to be in your lap during this time. I repeat this time is only for YOU. There is a famous quote from the great poet Rumi “ When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music”, feel your own music 🙂

3.Belief System: You want to manifest something and do all the practices but still something goes wrong and you don’t know what it is. It is nothing but your belief system has not 100% believes your primary thought. To make your belief system become your servant, whenever you think of a manifestation speak to yourself for a minute or so, saying “I am going to manifest this and all my cells, my mind, and my soul are aligned together and help me attract the desire”. Always remember, when you ask for something words should come from your soul, your mind and all parts of your being. If it comes from all these, then the belief system inside you will easily have trust on your words and work wonder.

Have these three simple rule as basics and your manifestation will be like a pet for you soon. Ask and it will be given!

Happy Manifestation 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.


Visualization : Four common mistakes


Art credit : Komal Gandhi

As a Law of attraction practitioner, most of us aware of what visualization is. For newbies, visualization is a process used to envision the future in your mind and by doing so, you will manifest what you thought of. Visualization is an interesting technique and a powerful one too. However, if you do not follow the basics of visualization your manifestation will take the time to appear or it will not even manifest.

I was introduced to Law of attraction back in 2009 and then on I have been doing visualization as my regular practice for manifestation. My results were remarkable. Once it is becoming your daily routine after some point of time the response time from Universe is incredibly fast.

In this article, I have listed down four common mistakes encountered by the Law of Attraction practitioners in Visualization. If you are able to overcome these four, then the results will be quicker than you imagine.

  1. Visualization Vs Meditation:                                                                                              a) Meditation: Most of the LOA practitioners confuse Visualization with Meditation. In one simple sentence, both are NOT same. Meditation is the method to make your mind calm. Your thoughts will be dissolved and all the wandering thoughts will leave your mind one by one and your mind will be a clean slate soon. Your state of mind will be in Alpha State (7-13 Hz – Meditation State). It is where your Subconscious mind wakes up and waiting for your instruction like a soldier waiting for his king’s go ahead to do the things for him.                               b) Visualization: It is the right time you can start thinking of your dreams and you can visualize that in your mind. You can see everything by your closed eyes and this is where the visualization process kick starts. So one can say, Visualization can be reached through Meditation and from there on the envisioning should start in the mind. So what happens here? Once you start your visualization (consider as a king) your sub-conscious mind (soldier) is getting ready for the action. This is what explained in “The Secret” book as “Your wish is the command”.

If you like to continue only in Meditation follow a. if you want to jump into visualization follow a and b. It is that simple.

2. Detailing: “I have been doing visualization for quite some time but the results are bleak. Why?” This has been the most common question of the LOA practitioners. The answer is very simple, if you do not have details in your visualization you will not even get the manifestation! Let us take an example here. You want to attract a life partner. What are the details you need to add during the visualization?

a) What is the desired height of him/her? – Example: 6 Feet
b) What is the eye color of him/her? – Example: Black
c) Where does he/she want to meet you for the first time? – Example: In Krishna Temple, near your house. (If you just say temple, then it is not the clear detail. Tirupathi is also a temple, but you might be hailing from Mumbai and wanted your life partner to meet you at your nearest temple. So in this case, you should clearly detail it as which temple)
d) What color dress he/she should wear during your first meet? – Example: Blue T-Shirt, Black Jean.


I have listed a few details, you can add even more. Once you add all the details, now you know crystal clear how your life partner looks like and this is what Universe is expecting from you. Now your mental picture of your life partner will be sent to Universe like a courier with all details. Universe opens the courier and smiles at it and says “Dear, Your wish is my command”. Boom, you will attract your life partner soon. So always remember to add details, details, details. 🙂

3. Feeling/emotion: If you are simply “asking” then visualization will not work. There is no doubt on it. You need to have that good feel thinking that you already achieved the desired. All your cells should be having that good feel and your entire body should have that positive vibration when you visualize. If it is missing then it is of no use. So feel like you already received what you wanted and be in the higher happiness state when you do visualization.

4. A dangerous word named as “How”  : Your task is to ask, believe and receive. If you think “how” this will happen then all your efforts will be wasted. Your job is not to think about “how”. This is one of the most common mistakes by the visualization practitioners. They know what they want, they are ready to have it but the moment they ask something to Universe/God they attach a “How” to it and spoils everything. “How” will be taken care by Universe. You are tiny, very tiny object for Universe. For Universe Bill Gates and You are same. For Universe, all the human beings are same. So never ever think about the “how”. If your mind still sticking to the “how” it is like the habit of an Elephant when it sees a muddy pond. Elephant takes the mud and put it on his head. Never doubt the power of universe by your own pre-defined old beliefs. Visualization comes under “New Thought” process. You are a new human being now.

If you understand these four common mistakes and eliminates from the mind, then your visualization works wonder for you.  Manifestation will be done before the deadline you have given to Universe.

I wish you all the very best. Happy Manifestation folks 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.



Past Demons: Two practices to come out of Past


I recently visited a hill station and met an old man. He lives in one of the beautiful garden houses with his wife and I was fortunate to visit their house. Their house is covered with a garden which has more than hundred different types of plants. Filled with flowers and they had a lovebirds cage which has more than twenty beautiful little birds. It was like a heaven. No, it was heaven. They offered me tea and within few minutes I understood how happily they are living. His wife is an amazing person who made me laugh for every sentence she spoke of. Her sense of humor was exceptional and I asked that couple how many kids they have. Before I could finish off my question they both answered in one voice ‘We have more than one hundred kids’ and they pointed out their beautiful garden and pets.  Later, I came to know their only son has killed in an accident thirty years ago.  I had no words to express my feelings and I felt sad to know their grievance. But they told me one thing, they are not living in their “Past” and they are living this beautiful life which is nothing but the present. It was an eye opener for me. Being a Law of Attraction practitioner, now I realize how important to leave the past behind us.

We all had past. We all had issues in our past. Also, we had pleasant memories about the past. But how many of us really forgot all those bad things about past and only thinking about the pleasant things? Whenever we feel sad, mostly the reason could be a past thing or relationship or incident which went wrong.  How to overcome past demons and how to be happy in the present? This is the question one would have asked himself at least ten times in his life. For many, at least it is hundred times. For some people, it is a daily question to themselves.

In this article, I have listed down two practices which will help you to overcome the ill-fated past and make you focus on the present and by doing these your future will be designed as per your wish.

  1. Bin-Bin: This practice is for those who had breakups, divorce or any relationship issues in their past and still thinking about that over and over. Buy sticky notes and have it in your handbag or backpack. Whenever you think about someone who really made you unhappy bless them (yes, you read it correctly. bless them) and take one leaf of the sticky notes and write their name on it. Find a bin and throw it. You might think how can I bless them and throw them in the bin. 1. Your blessings will do good things for them and also make you feel ease 2. When you throw their name into the bin, you are letting the bad memories out of your heart which was pricking your heart during every heartbeat. So, it is a win-win for both and we can call it as bin-bin : )

2.Embrace-Fear: Why do we get fear? It is because of our past experience. If you have feared to face an Interview or if you have feared to write an Exam it is because of your past. You would have rejected in an Interview or failed in an exam.  I have failed 3 times in statistics exam during my post-graduation. The Reason was very simple, after my first attempt I grew up fear into my heart. So, whenever I appear for statistics exam, my mind was filled with fear and attracts more fear. In the end, the result was a failure.  So, to overcome the fear of past you can do this practice. Start embracing the fear you have. This might sound crazy but this is how one can overcome the fear. Example: If you fear of an interview, close your eyes and think that everything is going as per your wish. You are walking to the interview room confidently, you are facing the interviewer with much confidence and you are coming out of that office with an offer letter. It is like walking towards the fear and embraces it.  One of my friends, always having fear of cockroach and one day I told him a funny thing, I told him that the cockroach that is coming towards you might be the soldier because you were a cockroach king in your previous birth.  He laughed at me first, then his fear started to reduce and today if he sees a cockroach he will not run away. He embraces the fear and overcomes it.

So if you follow these two practices, you will be able to forget the past and live in the present.

Always remember, no one becomes successful in the past. If you want to achieve what you want in life you should forget the tough past and cherish in the present.  By doing so, Future is yours!

All the best and have a wonderful week ahead 🙂



Rajesh Vairapandian.



Inspired Actions: Four Practices to take Inspired Actions

She wins in every tournament she participates. She wins millions of hearts by her smile. She is an angel for many. She lives a life where everything is beautiful. Her life is blissful. Do you want to know who is this she?  It is you. You can become what you think of if you take one decision in life. That decision is to be happy all the time. So, how do you become happy? You should see/think positive things in everything. Next question here is, how you become positive all the time? The answer is, if you firmly believe in Universe/God, your state of mind will be in positivity all the time. Because now you know being positive is the only way to be happy and being happy is the only way to success in Life.

But, you may ask, I am always happy, I see positive in everything but still the results are not coming to me as expected, or the manifestation takes much time. I do take actions but not all the actions are converted into productive results. So, where am I missing the trick? All these questions would have to wander in your mind whenever your results are getting delayed.

The answer to all these questions is: Inspired Actions. Have you taken inspired actions to achieve what you want or need in your life? If not, take inspired actions right away and manifest whatever you have wished for.

I have listed four practices which can help you to take Inspired action.

 1.Intuition:  Listen to your inner being when you feel you are unable to take any action on your desires. Listen to you. From nowhere, you will be pushed to do something. For example, you want to meet your grandmother who is 400 km’s away. You have been thinking for several weeks, But in your busy schedule, you do not find time to go and meet her. Now listen to your intuition, it will give you a tip or guide you to take the action to meet your granny. You get an urge to tell this to your colleague and he says he is from the place where your grandmother lives and you both make a sudden plan and that Friday evening you travel along with him, he drops you at your grandmother’s doorstep. You know that colleague for several months but haven’t know that he is from that place. It happens. Listen to your intuition.

2.Draw it, Get it: You know what you want to become. You practice visualization. You do meditation. You are in happiness state all the time. But still, you have no idea how Universe will bring the desire closer to you. Do this practice whenever you feel you are in the same place for several days. Take a notebook and have a margin in between a page. In the left side write down your “Present State”

Here I give a sample:

Draw yourself, you need not be an artist. Just draw a cartoon of you. Two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, little hair (oops, sometimes I talk about me you know 😉 ), have a body under the head and two arms and two legs. Now draw a few cloud-like designs around this. Inside the cloud designs, write down your present state(your income status, your current relationship status, your health status)

Now, in the right side of the page after the margin, title it as “Desired State” and draw your cartoon. Now, inside those cloud designs write down your desired income, desired relationship, health and whatever you dreamed of!

Do this practice daily and within few days your sub-conscious mind will let you know what inspired action you need to take to achieve those. I have done this and amazed to see the power behind this simple practice.

 3.Medi-Act:  When you do meditation you are listening to God/Universe/Higher-Self. Whenever you feel confused what to do next, find a calm place and do a quick meditation. Seek an answer from above. You will be given an idea or the answer you were looking for. When you open your eyes you will be energized and you will take inspired action towards your desire.

 4.Love Vs Passion:  Love starts from the heart. Passion ignites from the brain. When Love and Passion meet at one point, your action will begin without a second thought which is inspired. We all listen to our mind most of the time, but if you listen to heart you will see beauty in everything. You will bless your enemy or the one who left you without a reason only through your heart. The heart does not have an EGO attached to it. We should listen to heart and brain in the same proposition. If you do so, your love&passion will become an inspired action and you will achieve your desire in a much faster way.

I hope these practices are helpful to take inspired actions. You have come to this world as a human. Live every single moment of life to its fullest and take inspired actions to achieve all your desires.

Have a great weekend ahead : )


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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Power of Self-Talk : Three practices to master self-talk

It was back in 2005 my friend Ram and I was traveling to Madura. We both were traveling from New Delhi to Madura by bus. Ram has bought new Adidas shoes and he loved those blue and white color design. Even before we could reach Madura, he was repeatedly saying to me Madura temple is a crowded place and if we keep our shoes outside it will be stolen. I could understand how much he liked his new shoes and all the time during our travel his mind was thinking about the safety of his shoes.

Once we reached Madura, we kept our shoes outside and Ram kept his shoes under a staircase where no one can find it easily. Then we went inside, but he kept on saying ‘Someone will take my shoes, it is not safe’ he repeated this for several times until we come out of the temple. He ran to that staircase and found nothing. Yes, his shoes had been stolen by someone, only his shoes out of thousands.

So, what has happened in this case? Ram’s sub-conscious mind started to believe his self-talk and it has ordered a person to take those shoes away by obeying his words.  This is the power of self-talk. This is the power of self. Whatever you feed to your mind it will accept it and respond back with 100% accuracy. In Ram’s case, he has fed a negative thing and the result was negative. So, now you know if you feed positive things to your mind you will reap the positive outcome.

Here I have listed few self-talk practices to manifest your desire, to improve your self-confidence level and self-esteem. Also, if you are afraid of public speaking you can overcome that using these practices.

  1. Mirror Power: Every morning you spend some time in front of the mirror. You do this to enhance your beauty by some external things, for example applying a cream to your face. However, did you ever speak to yourself in front of the mirror? If not, it is time to do it from today. Look at your eyes, those eyebrows, nose, your lips, cheeks and if you have a long foot mirror see your entire self. Speak to your image. Remember, sub-conscious understands images faster than words. Your reflection in the mirror is your own self-image. Talk to your own image and speak out the positive words.

“I am the winner, I deserve a better life. I have all the abundance of this beautiful life. Today is my day, I love myself more than anyone, I am the best, I am the champion of my own life”

You can say these kinds of affirmations for few minutes by seeing your image. Keep doing this for at least a month. Then you will see the positive shift in your life. By doing this you have made your sub-conscious to believe that you are the best. So it will make a bridge between you and Universe/God and transfer your words and get the outcome as per your wish.

2. Shower Power: When you are under a warm water shower, your body get energized and all your cells are simulated by the running water all over your body. Your body and mind will be in receiving state during this time. It is the best time to have a self-conversation with you. We have heard of many “bathroom singers” in our life. Why can’t you speak to yourself by utilizing this time and improve yourself? You can repeat all those positive affirmations and come out of the shower with much self-confidence. In this busy life, you can properly use your shower time to shape up your future.


 3.Travel Power:  This practice can be done during your travel. When you are traveling in a train/bus/car you can have a conversation with yourself silently. When you get out of your house and travel to one place from another your eyes are looking into multiple images. All the motion images are simply going into your mind and come out without having much impact.  If you keep talking to yourself slowly your mind will listen to you and the wandering mind will be focusing only thing only, it is YOU. So, make use of your travel time and speak to the most important person in this world –YOU.

All the leaders, successful people has mastered self-talk. They knew their success before they could achieve it. I end this article with one of the most powerful self-talk from one of the legendary sports person, Mohammad Ali.

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was”

You have come to this planet to live only one life. Live a life filled with abundance. Have a great day ahead: )


Rajesh Vairapandian.

Energy Shifters – Four Simple Methods

In this article, we will see some of the “energy shifters” which I have been using in various instants of Life. I have read these in books or got to know about these from friends. If you keep practicing it and master this, it will have a huge impact in your life and you will be easily shifting your energy from low(negative) to high(Positive).

We all know everything in this universe is energy. You are holding your mobile or tablet and reading this article right now. Your mobile is a form of energy. Every energy has its own frequency level.  If you want to be happy and get rid of all those negative situation, toxic people issues, fear or your own “demon” thoughts. Your body and soul should be vibrating higher than those negative things.

So, how do you make the vibration above those low level? These shifters will help you to instantly shift you from the low to high or in other words, from negative to positive in few minutes. I have listed few here, you can customize these based on your necessity.


  1. Above method: This method helps us whenever our mind is pulling us to focus “only” on the issues. For example, you want to buy some vegetables and walking towards the market. You almost reached the market then realize you have left your wallet at home. You have walked for more than 2 kilometers and your mind becomes tired now to go back and get the wallet. The moment your mind becomes tired, your entire body becomes tired and you feel like you are lost. Now, you should think “Above”. You should speak to your mind like this “I am above this situation, I am above the tiredness and pain. I am going back home and get that wallet and come back briskly than before and get that veggie waiting for me at the market” If you keep telling this few times, your brain receives this positive signal and got up like a horse! Now, you are ABOVE the issue. Now your body is above the pain and tiredness. Now you are the master of this situation and going back home like a king with your heads up.

You can use this method in any situation, especially when you are in fear or in doubt use this method and shift the energy. You will get remarkable results.


  1. Pause method: This method helps you if your anger level is at its height. How one can get angry easily? If you cannot control the external factors/people your mind is unable to “accept” it and your energy becomes anger. It is that simple, if you know the basic universal truth that anger causes you more damage than the others then you will not allow this worst emotion into you. But we all living in a world where we are inter-connected with relationships, people, and other external factors. It is easy to get angry over one another. This method is quite simple. If you get hypertension and about to let your words out, just “pause” for a moment. It will be tough during the initial days, but if you think of this formula it will be very easy. From today onwards, Anger = Hell. Pause = Heaven. Your Peacefulness = (Heaven(Hell)) . It means, whenever you “pause” for few moments, your energy is shifting from hell to heaven. And in few minutes your anger level comes down and your soul will be marching towards peacefulness. So now, hell(Anger) is under the control of heaven(Pause).  All the great people walked on this planet are known for their anger mastering techniques. You might be born as a normal person, it is up to you to become great and leave your legacy or die as a poor soul.  Having anger in your soul will ultimately kill your beautiful soul. So, pause 🙂

3.Scribbling Method: Are you worried too much about any of your desires? Or Are you anxious about any of your dreams? Or your inner being boils for something? Or you are about to outburst like a Volcano on someone? Do this:  take a piece of paper and have a pen/pencil. Start scribbling until your anger/worry/anxiety goes out of your mind. Within few seconds following things will happen.  A) You will feel ease B) Your heartbeat becomes normal C) Your mind will be relaxed.  So what is happening here? By scribbling on a paper, our blocked energy gets out and it flows out of the uncomforting zone. Imagine a stream flows freely without a rock on its way.  After few minutes, take out the paper you scribbled and feel how much negativity (those scribbles) you have let it out of your mind. Say thanks to God/Universe and throw it in the bin. Now your negative energy has been transferred from you to that paper. Your mind is like a clean slate now.

4. LTG Method: Are you unsure what to do next? Do you have multiple unanswered questions popping up in your mind all the time? Are you stuck in something? You need a guide but don’t know where to find the guide? “Letter to God” method is the best. I learned this method recently from a magical friend and this one I would say, one of the best methods to get what you want. Write a letter to God. Few people might think what this crazy thing is! Let them think that way, we are here for new ways of positive and happy life, not for their own craziness :). So, write a letter to God and ask the guidance you need to move forward. A sample letter: “Dear God, I am so happy and grateful that you have given me everything I need. I need your guidance in my statistics exam, which is always a tough thing for me. Always I get low marks in this subject and I need your help to get over it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I always believe in you. Please guide me and I will write a thank you letter soon to you. Thank you, my dear God, you are the light of my darkness”. Read this letter for few days, you will get wonderful results in a short span of time. Read it with emotion. Feel it. Once you write and read this letter, your uncertain energy will shift into belief energy. Believe. Your wish is the command for God/Universe.

I hope these methods will help you to shape up your energy into a good one. Have a wonderful morning with lots of happiness and fun. Have a superb day ahead 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.


Patience Box – A powerful technique to increase your patience level

In this article, we will have some insight on the power of patience. Being patient is one of the key to achieve success and peacefulness in our Life. All the legends/successful people throughout the centuries were powerfully known for their patience. They all know how to master the patience. They all know when to be patient and when to act on their goals/desires. In our day to day life, we endure many instances where we needed to be in patience. However, we react immediately and sometime it will worsen the situation. Being Law of Attraction practitioners we know we should respond instead of react, but sometimes we react without thinking a second and that will have impact on us badly. To avoid this, we should practice how to be patient and how to make way for the good things from Universe/God.

Technique: Patience Box:

It is a very simple, but effective technique which will help you to be more patience and make you more focused and powerful in achieving your goals/desires. Make a square box and beautify it with your creativity and have it in your room.  Have a hole on the top. Write on the box as “Patience Box”.  If you are unable to make a one, you can buy a piggy bank and consider it as a patience box.  Once the box is ready, whenever you feel anxiety or restlessness, take a small piece of paper and write it as “I am so happy and grateful that my heart and soul are in calmness and I wait for the Universe/God to give me, which is needed (your desire here) perfectly for me in a perfect time” and put it inside the patience box. You will feel much ease after this and have an immediate shift in your vibration.


I have listed some common patience issues here, which can be fixed using patience box technique.


Jobseekers/Students:  If you are just graduated and looking for a Job, this is the right time to practice patience. You know you are going to get a good job. You know it is coming on your way. However, the days passing by, you lose your confidence and all the LOA practices will be forgotten and again your negative thinking pops out of your mind in a form of “frustration”. Whenever you are in frustration state, it means you lose your patience on your desired outcome.

So in this case, “frustration” is the negativity we need to overcome using the patience box practice.



One of my friends, he told me an incident happened to him recently. He is recently married and he had a fight with his wife one day. He left to office and they both keep continuing the fight in their watsapp messages. At one point, his wife asked him something, before he could reply he received a call from his Manager in his desk phone. He left the mobile at his desk and rushed to his Manager cabin for a discussion. After an hour he came back and realized he did not inform her wife about his meeting with Manager. Meantime, she has called him 78 times. Yes you read it correct, 78 missed calls in 60 minutes!!  He got agitated and shouted at her in reply to her endless calls. So if we analyze this scenario, we will get two outcomes:

  1. He and his wife do not have patience to handle the situation
  2. Understanding between him and his wife has not grown above the level of patience


So, to improve the relationship we should always think our patience level above the issues we face. So In this case, both of them can use the patience box technique.



I used to write poems almost daily when I started writing poems after my under graduation. During those days, I was always in a hurry to write the poems and used to share it with my friends. If I am unable to write one day, then my patience level goes down and I fell into the negativity named as “sadness” or “worry”. Then realized for an artist or a poet or writer patience is more important. All the great artist lived in this beautiful planet were excelled in their patience.  If you are not satisfied with your artwork, give a “pause” for some time and do visualization for few minutes, then resume your art. It will be the most beautiful one than your previous artwork.


So, in this example, artists need to overcome the “sadness/worry” by practicing the patience box.


Business People:

You are running a business and suddenly your business growth graph goes down. All your clients are vanished and instead of being in happiness state you slowly moved into negative mindset. By doing this, you attract more negativity and you feel one day you will be bankrupt.  This makes you much discomfort and all your energy levels go down the line.

To increase your client base or develop more revenue in your business, you can use this technique and give time to Universe. Universe is best known for its perfect timing!  So, if your patience level is above the negative mindset your business graph will go upwards soon.

I hope this technique will be useful for all aspects of our life. You can practice this and live a happy life with a huge smile on your face 🙂


Happy week ahead!



Rajesh Vairapandian.


Power of Fingers


Life is the best teacher. Life teaches you the correct lesson when you are in need. This happened back in 2007 when I visited my first onsite. The dreamland for all IT-ians, United States of America. I boarded the British Airways flight from Chennai to London and took another flight from London to Chicago. I landed in Chicago and had to catch a domestic flight to Seattle. Transit time was very less, so I had to run from the international terminal to domestic terminal. These two terminals are connected with an internal shuttle train. I got into the train and by the time I reached the domestic terminal I knew I was late. I rushed to the counter and I was greeted by a blue-eyed American woman before I could speak up, she told me “Sorry sir, You missed the flight by 2 mins, here is your next flight ticket to Seattle which is at 8.30 A.M tomorrow morning”. This was the first time I had missed a flight and I was restless. I had to reach Seattle that night and by next morning I had a client meeting. If I go by the next day morning flight I would reach office post lunch only. I pleaded with her, if there was any other way to go early? She replied with a firm No. All the nearby hotels were booked so I had to spend my whole night in the airport.

I was feeling a little low and sat on a seat. It was a new experience for me. New country, new situation. Few others were sitting next to me and among them, I saw one Mexican, who resembled a cowboy of old English movies with a flat round hat. He stared at me and came to sit next to me.

“I guess you too have missed the flight, Isn’t” – He asked me before even saying a hello.


“I too missed the same flight” – He said with a wry smile on his face.

“oh, where are u going to stay tonight? – I asked him, knowing the answer.

“I tried the nearby hotels all were booked and few are very expensive so decided to spend the night out in airport” he looked tired and words were coming out mildly. Then I started reading a novel. After few mins, I saw him seeing his right-hand palm and fingers. He was staring at his palm for a long time.

“Sir, May I know what you are doing?” – I asked him with much inquisitiveness.

He turned to me and started telling this “Power of Fingers”
What would you do when you are feeling low? What would be your immediate reaction when something goes wrong at your work? Usually, whenever we are down or feeling low either we look for a mood change or we dwell on the low mood for some time. If you want to change the mood or raise above the issue, there is a simple way to do it, which I have been doing for years. And it is very effective too. All you need to do is to look at your right hand and see your five fingers. Today was a tough day for me, I traveled all the way from London and I must go to Seattle tonight to meet my daughter who has been unwell for the past few days. I promised her over the phone that I would come home for dinner. Since I missed out the flight, I feel very sad, but if I keep feeling sad I will attract more situations which will bring more worries to life. So by doing this quick and simple exercise, I jump into the happiness state in a few seconds.

Just stare at the fingers for a while and remember the following:

1. Thumb – Start with your thumb. You would have held a trophy on your right hand or a degree certificate when you graduated from college. Without thumb “holding” any object is very tough, just be grateful for your thumb and cherish those wonderful moments in your life, by doing this your mind is triggered with positive vibes and your current situation will vanish in a blink of the eye! Then have a thumbs up for your past achievements and smile at your thumb!
2. Index Finger – Now see your Index finger. Your parents or your well-wishers in your life would have shown you the right path in life or you would have shown the right path/directions to your children. So, I match this index finger with “right path”, so whenever I see my Index finger, I feel I am on the right path
3. Middle Finger – This finger I matched it with “heights”, you would have reached many heights in your life, like scoring high in your grades or ranked higher in your high school etc. Life is meant to achieve high things. So this finger teaches you to always aim high!
4. Ring Finger – This finger is for wearing a ring, so I named this finger as “prosperity finger” whenever I see this finger I imagine myself as a wealthy man and thank God for all the money I have in my life
5. Little Finger – I named this finger as my “darling finger” this finger tells me, I should be humble and polite all the time even after I reach different heights in my life.

“That’s it, my friend, I am a little tired, going to have a nap, please wake me up as I don’t want to miss the flight again” He told me and started sleeping on the seat. I was grateful towards him for letting me know of this since it was a lesson that could get me through the long night and we both boarded the morning flight to Seattle.
Life teaches us in many ways, it could be anyone whom we think as a stranger and may play a vital part in our life. Be open to receiving the teachings and don’t feel dejected when you miss a flight and give a stare at your fingers :


Rajesh Vairapandian.


365 days of happiness – Five Techniques to be happy for 365 days

365 days of happiness – Five Techniques to be happy for 365 days – © – Rajesh Vairapandian

Success is not the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to Success – Albert Schweitzer

We all want to be happy. We seek happiness in various ways of Life. Being happy is the ultimate goal for all. But we encounter difficulties in achieving the happiness through multiple blockages. Toxic people, tough relationship, lack of finance, unhealthy body, depression, stress, all of these we face in our life which makes us unhappy.
In this article, I would like to share some of the techniques which I use for making myself happy consistently. Consistent happiness of your mind and soul is the only way for success in all aspects of your life. Whenever you feel low in your positive vibration do these techniques to lift up your mind and soul.

Sachin Tendulkar is not only a great cricketer but also a legend in the game of cricket. His secret of success is the consistent performance he exhibited throughout his long career. For him happiness = Cricket. Happiness has different meaning from person to person. I love walking under a tree after a rain. I love to smell the fragrance of a new book. Love listening to the cute noises of a young bird waiting for her mother to feed the food. Love to sit in front of the ocean and feel the silence for hours. These are the few things that bring me happiness. Whatever makes you happy give your soul to that. I write this article now, 5 A.M in this winter morning and I love the calmness of this early morning, this is happiness, my soul is glowing. This silence is amazing. We all are attracted to the Law of attraction and reach a point in life when we want to be positive all the time and try to feed only positive thoughts to our sub-conscious. Why are we doing this? Because we want to be happy all the time by forgetting the past and want to live in the present to make our future a better one. However, what is lacking for most of us is, the consistency. Today we are in 64th day of the year. Were you in a happy state during these 64 days? We read positive quotes every day, watch inspirational videos, speak to a friend with positive mindset all the time, read some self-development books, we do meditation but still, some days all of a sudden few questions will arise in our mind “Why am I not getting the desired result?” ”Why things are delayed for me?” “Why the relationship is still not in good shape?” ”Why am I still unhealthy?” We could face all these whys. This happens for most of the people who don’t know how to extend the happiness from one minute to another, one hour to another hour or in short, don’t know how to be “consistently” happy. Are you one among those people? If your answer is yes then you should find these techniques useful to practice it daily and to make yourself into super happy human for the rest of 300+ days in this year and also the remaining years of your beautiful life.

1. Name Game: I have a dolphin at my home. I love to spend time with her. She is very cute and lovable. We both love each other. I love to have crazy talks with her, love to sing along with her.I call her as “Dolly”. Right now, she is in the garage. Yes, she is my car. I named my car as Dolphin. Have you ever seen a child call the barbie doll as barbie? Always children name their dolls with their own cute imagination and that makes the bond tighter between them. I know a kid who calls her teddy as pinky even though the color of teddy is brown. Such a way, if you name a non-living object and start interacting with it, you will feel amazing. Name your mobile as “littleidiot” or name it whatever you want to call it!! It looks crazy for others but we are here in this planet to live our own life first. Doing such crazy thing ease your stressful/feeling low mind and slowly you will start to laugh like a kid for no reason.

2. Soul Boosters: Have a playlist with mood shifting songs. Music heals. Music makes your soul happy. Handpick few songs and whenever you feel you are slipping from positive state of mind, turn it on. Listen to it. Within few minutes you will feel the change. But you should be very careful while choosing the songs. Never have a sad song and never listen to it during this time, it has the power to instil more sadness into your heart.

3. Mementos: Attach your mind to beautiful moments and have a name for that. It is simple. Whenever you think about those moments, immediately you feel happiness. For example, do you remember the day you got your medical seat? You would have jumped and shared that news to all of your relatives and loved ones. Name that wonderful moment with some funny names. Medibeauty or Medilove something like that and have it written in a place where you can see it every day. So, if you feel low just have a look at this name and your memories will go back to that marvelous moment and you feel the instant happiness.

4. Blessing Drops: Eyes are the window of our heart. If you want inner peace close your eyes for five minutes and think that you are standing under a shower. Instead of water, out comes the blessing of God. Visualize every drop of water as blessing. it falls on your head and travels till your toe. Feel that your entire body is purified and all the negative thoughts are wiped off by the blessing drops. This gives you a soothing feeling on your body and soul. When you open your eyes, you will see a world which has no negativity, so does your soul!

5. Flower Frag(FF): I lived in Delhi for some time, whenever I crossed the shantipath road during late evenings I used to smell a wonderful fragrance in the air. Later I came to know that is the fragrance of a flower named “Raat ki Rani”. The aroma brings an unexplainable feeling to the heart. Even after 12 years I can feel that and it fills my room like a wing spread bird! What is your favorite flower? Think of the fragrance of the flower. Give your soul to that flower for a few minutes. Become a flower and feel light. All your stress or depression will be vanished in a minute. You are a smiling flower right now. Be a flower!

Try using these techniques and stay in a happy state for every second of life. You will achieve whatever you want and you are the master of your own life. Have a happy Friday ahead with loads of smile. 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.