Success Story #1 : Using “Mastering LOA” Online Workshop

How to be a Master of your own life?

1.You are very positive but your expected result is delayed
2. You want to move out of negative people, but you cannot. 3. Sometimes some unnecessary thoughts overpower you and you have no idea how to overcome it
4. All the time you are in happiness state, but your desires are not fulfilled/answered by the Universe
5. Suddenly random thoughts taken over your mind and you are unable to focus/concentrate
6. You have tried a lot, but unable to remove fear from your life.

If you feel any of the above, then your desires are far away to reach.

I teach how to change this and get your desired result. It could be your job change, promotion, health, a better relationship, business sale or anything you do!

You can read the success story of my student below:

Law of attraction gives you wings to fly higher – Success Story – Naina Sharma
Hi everyone,
I was introduced to the law of attraction last year by a friend of mine and I am practicing LOA since then. I attracted two business trips to Singapore, promotion, and hike in the job in first half of 2016. I also attracted my life partner in December 2016. LOA not only makes you attract all your desire but also teaches you how to become strong.
After I got married this year, I wanted to shift with my husband to Bangalore but with a good job. I was trying to attract job since January 2017 but I was unable to. I got rejected because of my less experience and all this made me a bit demotivated. I still didn’t give up and tried my level best to attract a job and unfortunately, I got rejections again. I was not able to understand where I was lacking as I applied all the steps as I did for my past desires.
So, I enrolled in a workshop by conducted by Rajesh Vairapandian “How to master visualization” to understand, learn and explore more about visualization. From the very first day, I started following each and every practice he taught and I am very much thankful to him as his teachings made me realize where I was lacking. I started working on my target area by setting goals for my desire and every day I used to prepare a checklist and at the end of the day I used to check if I have accomplished all my goals.
I did this whole month and after practicing, I started receiving calls from the companies I was targeting and were on my vision board. I was surprised that I cleared all the rounds of the recruitment easily and effortlessly. I attracted two jobs with awesome salary package in one month using LOA. Finally, I chose the one I was fitting in and while doing so I realized and felt that I am so happy and blessed.
Thank you, Rajesh for teaching all of us wonderful visualization practices. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am going to join my desired job on Monday and I feel so happy and excited my new job. Thank you Thank you Thank you Universe.
Next Workshop Details:

Workshop #1: “Mastering Law of Attraction – 01Dec to 20Dec 2017”

Workshop #2: “Abundance of Prosperity using LOA – 01Dec to 20Dec2017”

Last few seats available, email me( for enrolling.

Be a Master of your own life!

Rajesh Vairapandian

My Experience in LOA

I would like to share you all few experiences in my life thru LOA, whenever you feel low, read this and you will get instant motivation.




Few months back I have given an Interview. I met the director and CTO of the company and they both were asking multiple questions for more than a hour.

At the end that director asked me if I had any questions for them, I asked them what they think of me, Immeditately he said “You are very positive, that attitude we like a lot”

Infact, during the interview I was focusing much on their questions and answering them with technical/functional points. I have never told them that I am a positive guy.

But how they found this? This is the beauty of being positive, if you are positive irrespective of the tough situation even though if you do not speak positive words, your body will emit positive vibes

And that will travel inside the people around you.  So whenever you face a challenging situation, you will easily overcome it if you “develop” the positive attitude attached to your mind and soul.




Most of the students ask me some repeated questions again and again, I jot down few:


1.Sir, I do meditation, I do visualization but my results are bleak, I don’t get what I expect, I don’t get my desires full-filled, why?

It is one of the simple question to answer! If you “expect” something there is no guranteee you will get it, even if you do meditation,positive thinking or visualization. Because, when you “expect” something, your mind says you are “lack” of that, that is why you are expecting! Instead of expecting it, you have to make your sub-consious mind believe that you ALREADY achieve it. If you want to get married, do not expect the soulmate, feel that you got married already, if you want a job, do not expect the unvierse will give you job, feel super happy that you got your dream job and start living like that, if you want more money, do not expect money, feel you have millions of money in your bank account. Hope now you will not “Expect” anything 😉


2.Sir, why I keep getting problems again and again? Why diseases coming to my family members often?

A)You are mentally very weak B) So you “allow” the issues to take over you C) You easily get disappointed by the outcome of your expectation D) Your mind is not in ease, so you get dis-ease and you keep tallking to your friends/relations about your disease, universe listens it and giving you more and more disease.




In LOA, the most important thing is patience, most of us want something to be manifested imdly, let us take an example, if you bought a Sunflower seed today, will you expect the plant will grow next day and give you a Sunflower? It is against nature :). Being impatience is against your inner being – that is the nature! If you go against your inner being you will NOT given what you want!  Have patience, count your daily blessings and observer your daily growth! Sir, I did meditation for 10 days nothing happened so I stopped it on 11th day, well then if you want to start again you have to start it from day 1, not from day11, this is the law! So try to improve your patience level, those who have patience will win for sure. They will be blessed with much abundance of life. Let me explain you one more thing, few years back I decided to be happy for all the time, but I was able to be happy all time for only 3 months, after that I could not due to various issues at personal and professional life, but throughout the year whatever I touched became gold, means I GOT exactly what I wanted in those 3 months, I wanted a promotion and practiced for that in that 3 months and it was given after 3 months even I was not positive, I wanted a country change in my professional life, and it was given. Just imagine, I was in that happiness state only for 3 months, but I reaped the success for the entire year, if you are happy for 1 full year then you will get your results atleast for next 2 to 3 years, so be calm and never complain GOD/universe and never lose your faith. You will be given what you have asked for!

In November I conduct two workshops.

Online FB workshop : Mastering LOA

WhatsApp Workshop :

Prosperity : How to make multiple source of income using LOA

If interested email me at for further details.


Rajesh Vairapandian.

10 Powerful Practices for Manifestation : My new book!

Hello Friends!

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Best Regards,

Rajesh Vairapandian.

Free E-Book on Law of Attraction

Visualization Book


Hello Amazing Souls,

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Happy Visualization

Rajesh Vairapandian

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An Accident and Two Learning :)

Date: 22-May-2016

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa.

I never thought that would happen to me. It was a Sunday evening and I went to the office for a critical project delivery. Yes, it was a Sunday 🙂  I have completed my task and head back home on the M1 highway. I was driving at a steady speed and from nowhere another car hit my car from behind and fled away. My car lost the control and flipped over twice and crashed into the nearby yard. All the airbags were blown up and I somehow opened the door and fell on the grass.  I was hit on my rib and was in immense pain. I was shouting “help me, help me”. Within few seconds all this happened, I was lying on the ground and few cars stopped by and people came for help.

In less than two minutes an Ambulance has arrived and I was taken to the hospital. I was not sure how badly I was hurt, I had no idea whether I will be alive or not. But I was conscious. At that time I had one firm thought. I told myself “Tonight at any cost, I am going home, I am coming out of the hospital and walk towards the parking” I kept saying this to me for several times. An emergency attendee was sitting next to me, she said: “Sir, nothing to worry, you will be alright, but please be calm“. Then I closed my eyes and many things came into my mind which I don’t remember clearly now.

Then within few minutes, I was taken to a nearby hospital and had a full check-up. By Gods grace, my Rib was not broken and I had miraculously escaped one of the fatal accident of my Life. All my friends arrived in that hospital and to everyone’s surprise, I was discharged that night itself and as I visualized I walked to the parking.

It is been exactly a year now and Life keeps on teaching me various things and I have learned a lot over this time. Faced new challenges, learned the ways to overcome those challenges, met new friends, traveled to few countries, learned to master visualization and written a book on it and more.

I have learned two important things which I would like to share with you all.

Learning 1:  Never criticize yourself

Never criticize yourself for anything. If I would have to say “I will die or I will not walk again” then we all know the Universe will listen to it and take our self-talk as a command and execute it. Instead, I kept saying myself I will walk off the same night and I did the same! I had not criticized myself for that accident.

Learning 2: Visualize your end result

When I was hit and fell on the roadside, I never thought that I will be taken to an operation theater in a hospital. Instead, I visualized that I will walk off the hospital on the same night. When you visualize the end result your manifestation will be in super fast mode. When you focus your energy on the end result, the universe will work like a robot. Always visualize the end result and never think of the “How”.

Life is the best teacher and we all should open to learning new things daily.  God is ready to listen to you all the time, I see life as the God.

May God Bless You 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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Sub-Conscious Mind & Imagination : Few Tips


Art Credit: It’S a happy world FB page

Chandru is a man of dreams. He was the school topper, university gold medalist and got recruited by a top IT firm. His achievements were spread across the sports too. He was a very good Cricket player and a fast swimmer.  He speaks four languages fluently.

He was the best dancer too. It is a big endless list. In one word he is “multitalented’. When I first met him years ago, I asked him what was the reason behind his success in all aspects of Life. He said “I imagine that I am excelled in all activities I do”, unknowingly he was using his Sub-conscious mind very effectively!

“Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere” – This could be the easiest way to explain the power of Imagination. This was quoted by mankind’s greatest scientist Albert Einstein.

Imagination is everything.  When you imagine something, your mind starts to think something creative. You are going to “create” something. When you create something you are called as creator. It could be a small thing like a drawing or some idea to declutter the house. It starts from your imagination. But it is being operated by your conscious mind. Consciously you are thinking which is not in your present existence. So, here the important question arises, How does Imagination be related to Sub-conscious mind? The answer is, Imagination is not related to sub-conscious mind. Because you are thinking(or imagining) from the upper layer of your mind. So the next question is, how to imagine from our sub-conscious mind? This is where most of us failed to understand the real potential of Sub-conscious mind and simply imagine from our upper layer(conscious mind) and leave it there.

Following are few practices to imagine from you Sub-conscious mind:

Golden Mornings:

Mornings are more important and it should always start with a positive note. Never allow a negative thought or negative person to kill your golden morning. Early morning is the best time to access your sub-conscious mind. You are just awake from the sleep. As we know, our sub-conscious wakes up when we sleep. It is in full operation when we sleep. So once you wake up, your conscious mind takes over.

Let us take an example that you want to manifest a house.

Now, close your eyes and relax your body. Breathe in and breathe out slowly for few mins, slowly you will move into the alpha state. Alpha state of mind is where sub-conscious mind resides.

Now, start to imagine the house you want. The street, entrance, door steps, wooden door, then the living room, that couch, Television and all other objects in that room. Then move to the next room and feel that you are there. Open the window and feel the morning breeze. See the nearby street from your balcony. See the kids playing out there. Feel it.  Now you are mentally in that house. Thru imagination you have traveled to a place which does not exist. But your sub-conscious does not know the difference between reality and imagination(In LOA words, we call this as Visualization).

So, successfully you have “imagined” a house from your bed. If you keep doing this on a daily basis with much feel and emotion, your sub-conscious mind will start interacting with the Universe/God(based on your belief) and get your imagination into reality. You will construct or buy a house based on your imagination.

Attracting hours:

We know the real master inside us is our sub-conscious mind. Every day if you keep doing the imagination on a particular time then it will be programmed or instructed to your master that, at this particular time he has to do his action 🙂 If you keep doing at 5 A.M for ten days and miss it on the 11th day, no worries. Your master inside you knows it is the time for action and he will do the rest. So, sticking to an exact time is more important.

If you master the master inside you, you will attract your desire in a super fast mode. All your manifestations will be done easily.

Happy Manifestation 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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30 Powerful Visualization Practices – New E-Book

Today is world book day, I am super excited and happy to share that my first book in Law of Attraction got published now on Amazon. It is a kindle ebook. This is a series of 3 books and the next book will be published soon. Please read and share the feedback of the book.

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Why should you read this book?

1.Working hard but not earning more money
2.Want to Improve Relationship
3.Looking for a career growth
4.Want to visit many countries
5.Looking for a Dream Job
6.Looking for a life partner (soul mate)
7.Unable to overcome painful past
8.Have many goals but unable to achieve them
9.Unable to control the anger
10.Want to be happy for every single minute

If your answer is YES for any of the above, then this book (guide) is for you.

This book(guide) has 30 powerful visualization practices to manifest your desires. You can use these for attracting your soul mate, excel in your career, boost your business sale, have a perfect health, manifesting Money and more. In a nutshell, you can use these practices to attract abundance into your life.

God Bless You.
Rajesh Vairapandian


London Learning – How to remove Limitations?


Last weekend I was in London [I have attracted this trip using this method :)] Being a Cricket fanatic, I wanted to visit the historical Lords Cricket Ground and reached there at 11 A.M for the ground tour. A guide took us through the pavilion, balconies and other places of the ground. He was explaining everything in a detailed manner. Among us, there were two boys around 7 or 8 years old. They were listening to the guide keenly and kept on asking several questions. Their enthusiasm was amazing but what made others stunned was the answer they told to the guide for a particular question. In Lords ground, there is a board hanging on the pavilion wall. It is called Honours board. When a player hits a century or taken five wickets in Lords ground, their name will be added to this board and it is a dream for every cricketer.

When the guide was explaining this to us, he turned to those two boys and asked

“Are you happy to see this board little men?”

They both replied instantly “Yes we are, but we will be happier to see our name up there”

Listening to this conversation, I was shocked for a moment.  We all wanted to visit the historical places, but in this budding age those boys had a big dream and marching towards history! In fact, they wanted to be part of the history. I wished their dad and told him one day I will see them on the same ground playing cricket for their country. He has taught them one thing, our mind has NO limit. That sparks me to write this article.


Most of us are excelled in one thing – Limiting ourselves. Before we could know the problem, we block our mind not letting it think of the solution. Before we face a challenge we tell to our mind that we cannot do it. If we are applying for a Job in a multinational company, before even knowing the opportunities we inform our mind that “this is a big company, I will not get the Job here” we are masters in limiting our own potential.

Some people are even more good in giving wrong advice to others and try to limit others mind!  We have a BIG universe in front of us, we have millions of opportunities in front of us, we have thousands of role models walking before us, but still, we are super good in limiting ourselves. As you know, our Sub-conscious mind is our servant when we order something to it. But once our inner servant receives the order, he will work wonder and make all our orders become a reality! So, when you limit yourself all the doors of possibilities, all the windows of positivities are purposefully closed by your own Sub-conscious mind!  As I mentioned earlier, sub-conscious mind is your servant when he receives the order. But when he started executing those orders given by you, he works like a workhorse and makes sure your order has been executed 100%.

How to remove limitations?

So, the million dollar question for all of us is, how do we remove limitations? It is a simple process.  I listed down few key points for you to take a note of it.

  1. Never say “I cannot”  before you start anything, you cannot live in antartica so be happy and accept the challenge first.
  2. Once you accepted the challenge, start exploring it. Lets take an example here, you were given an assignment in your college about Underwater Speciecs.  You have no idea about it and the next moment you get nervous and you start telling to yourself that you cannot do this assignment. Mr.Servant – Sub-conscious recevies your order and make you zero progress on the assessment. Instead, just tell to yourself, “I am new to this, but I will explore it and do this assignment successfully” If you say so, again Mr.Servant wakes up and he receives your order and make the people or circumstances to work for you and get the assignment done.
  3. During your challenge(in this case – assignment) whenever you feel low just relax and have a quick self-talk saying “I am feeling low now, But I am above the issue, I am above the low level, my Universe/God is working for me” – This will make you feel ease that someone else is working for you!
  4. Once you overcome the challenge, be grateful for each and every moments and fill your heart, mind and soul with happiness. Happines is the best gift you can give to your sub-conscious mind!
  5. If you think you are unable to do your work or you are unmoved from your current situation, you are attracting the same results. If you need a good result you should think of the good beginning. It is that simple!

Never limit or self-doubt yourself. Your inner being has more potential than you think of. Hundred years back if wright brothers had limitations we would have not seen the metal bird – aeroplane on the planet now.

Life is limitless. Universe is limitless. Your mind is limitless. You are a infinite being. Life the life without any limit and be happy with a huge smile on your face always. Life is yours! 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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Coming Soon….My new book :)


Hi Magical Souls,

Happy to announce that my new book in Law of Attraction series is getting published next week. “30 Powerful Visualization Practices” Here is the cover page!

Visualization Book
Stay tuned for more info on the book 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.