Manifestation – Three Simple Rules


Art Credit: Komal Gandhi

I have manifested a cheque recently which was eight times higher than the amount I have asked for. After receiving that I did a self-analysis on how this has happened. The result of the self-analysis has taught me one thing very clear. Manifestation happens only if you follow few rules diligently.  It happens only if your alignment with Universe should be on a constant basis and if you never allow others into your own desire. Manifestation happens if you master your own thought.

We all know “Thoughts Become Things” but have we ever analyzed it in detail? Have we ever stick on to one thought for continuous time? Thoughts will definitely become things if the thought has been your primary thought for the whole day and night. It will become things if you add the feeling into it. Thoughts that are primary will be believed by your subconscious mind and the magic will begin.

In this article, I have listed three simple rules for faster manifestation.

  1. Goals Vs Definite Goals: If you have a goal, well you are on the track. But only if you have a “definite” goal then you can consider yourself as you are on the right track/direction.  A few years back I visited one of the top universities in Chennai for a guest lecture. I asked the students what their goal is, being the computer science department students they all shouted their goal as one they wanted to join a Multi-National IT company as a Software Engineer. Then I asked them which company? Which location? With what salary package? None of them were able to answer it immediately. This is the difference between Goals Vs Definite Goals. Want to join a Software Company is a goal. Want to join IBM at Mumbai with 7,00,000 Rupees as salary, will be joining in July 1st – this is the definite goal. It is simple, you should be having a crystal clear of your goal with every detail of it. So for manifestation, you should be having a definite goal. Refer your goal notebook and read out all the goals you have listed. Check if every goal has a clear image on your mind with clear details. If not, it is not considered as a goal and your manifestation takes much longer or it will never happen.

Another example I want to share here, recently I was doing manifestation for getting a Job for one of my friends. All the time I visualize for it and one of my other friend messaged me saying that he has got the job. I realized the power of manifestation and also my mistake. My mistake was, I had a goal of getting a job for my friend. But I have not had a clear image on my friend’s detail during visualization and Universe has accepted my command and manifest a Job for my other friend! So, you should always have a clear image of what you asked for, that is what I call it as Definite Goal.

2.My Time: In a daily basis, how many minutes you spend time only with YOU. When I say “you” it should be only you, not even your mobile or books. Never allow anyone else during your “my time”. It is the most precious and important time in your life.  Even your beloved ones are not allowed during this time. It is dedicated to you and you only. During this, “my time” speak to your self or just listen to yourself.

Do not ask too many questions to you and confuse your inner being :), You should feel light, you should feel calm and your whole body should be in a positive vibration state. If you are like this, then consider it as your time. Instead, if you think of your manager or your next task for the day or your past experience or being in anxiety then it is not considered as “my time”.  So this precious time is for you and yourself.

I have learned this from one of my friends, who will never allow anyone during this time.  Remember, your lovely puppy is also not allowed to be in your lap during this time. I repeat this time is only for YOU. There is a famous quote from the great poet Rumi “ When I am silent, I fall into the place where everything is music”, feel your own music 🙂

3.Belief System: You want to manifest something and do all the practices but still something goes wrong and you don’t know what it is. It is nothing but your belief system has not 100% believes your primary thought. To make your belief system become your servant, whenever you think of a manifestation speak to yourself for a minute or so, saying “I am going to manifest this and all my cells, my mind, and my soul are aligned together and help me attract the desire”. Always remember, when you ask for something words should come from your soul, your mind and all parts of your being. If it comes from all these, then the belief system inside you will easily have trust on your words and work wonder.

Have these three simple rule as basics and your manifestation will be like a pet for you soon. Ask and it will be given!

Happy Manifestation 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.


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  1. It’s is really magical.. thank u so much for helping us in such a beautiful yet simple language..???????
    Keep inspiring

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