Gratitude –  Two powerful practices and benefits


Gratitude practices are the most important practices for a Law of Attraction practitioners. In fact, gratitude practices are very simple to follow but the effect of these practices are significantly high. In this article, we will see few practices and their benefits.

If you keep doing gratitude practice, your mental strength will improve, your relationship will improve, you will get good sleep, your physical health will improve and more.

Being grateful for all the blessings we got in our life is the ONLY thing we can do it in return to God. God has given us this life which itself is a big blessing. To make your life beautiful is in our mind. If you are grateful for everything your life will become meaningful and beautiful. But how many of us saying thank you to God for what we have? We always thank God once our prayers are answered. Instead, we should thank and be grateful every minute of our life which will make our life the most beautiful one.

I have listed few gratitude practices to improve all your aspects of life. Follow these practices daily and you will see amazing results within 30 days!

  1. Gratitude Journal:

You would have heard about a gratitude journal if you are a Law of Attraction Practitioner. This is a very simple but very powerful practice to express your gratitude to this Universe/God.  All you need is a journal/notebook. You need to write your blessings daily in the morning in your gratitude journal. But are you practicing this practice in a correct way? If you “just” jolt down few points of your blessings and said thank you then it is not the correct way of doing it. When you write your blessing the words should come from your heart.

You should have a high vibrating happy mood while writing each and every word. Your body, mind, and soul should be in much happiness state. Because you are thanking your blessings! You could be grateful for your health, just remember how much you are blessed by God and how many people in this world does not have a good health like you. Think about that and never take your blessings as granted.

2.Hourly Thanks:

This is a reminder practice I do for years now. Have an hourly reminder saved in your mobile phone as “Time for Thank You 🙂 “. So, every one hour you will be reminded that you need to be grateful for the good things in your life. We all busy with our day to day work and easily forget to be grateful for the blessings we have in our life. Using this practice within few days your subconscious mind will be programmed for hourly gratitude practice. After a month, you need not have a reminder, automatically your heart will say thanks for all the good things/blessings in your life.


If you keep practicing these gratitude practices you will become an optimistic person. You will start thanking each and every thing in your life. You will be grateful for tiny things which you have taken as granted earlier. Your career, health, relationship, money, peacefulness everything will be improved and you will start appreciating the life instead of complaining.

All your dreams will come true one by one and you will get the abundance of life. You will start living in the present and your anxiety about future will vanish. Your self-esteem will be improved and you will be confident on all your activities. Your decision-making skills will be improved a lot if you keep practicing gratitude.

Gratitude helps you to overcome a negative situation because your mind will see only the positive things or try to change that negative situation into a positive one.

Overall gratitude makes you feel good all the time.

I hope you like will follow these easy but powerful practice to make your life happier. If you like this post, please visit and like my page in Facebook.

Have a great grateful weekend ahead 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.


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