The Game of Money – Money Attraction Tips – Part:2

Art Credit – Komal Gandhi


In my previous article, we have seen few tips to attract money. In this article, we are going to see few more tips and the money receiving timelines using Law of Attraction.


When I started doing money manifestation, I made a mistake which I realized after few days. The mistake was, once I start thinking about money all the day, my expectation level soars high and I wanted someone knocks my door with a cheque everyday morning 🙂 or sometimes I thought, somebody, will call me and said “ I have deposited cash into your bank account”:)  or I started looking on the pathway some dollar bills will be waiting for me 😉  All these are our expectation which we set from our own fantasy.  What I missed here is, the “timing” of Universe/God.

For few people those who are constantly able to be in positive vibration state, they would have experienced the above which I mentioned as mistakes. But for 90% of others, when you do this money manifestation you need to understand the timing of Universe.

Example: You started doing the money manifestation from Feb 1st. You keep doing it daily for a week and nothing happened. No change in your bank balance or no unexpected/expected money into your pocket. So the thief hiding under your subconscious mind “Mr.Negativity” jumps out and you will start thinking that your manifestation isn’t working and you will not get more money. This is where most of us give up and by doing so we are back to square one. Never do this at least for a month. Keep doing the practices without expectation. Have fun while doing the practices.

A day will come. You will be amazed to see the changes in your prosperity.


Imaginary Spending:

This is a fun game where you need to spend imaginary money. For example, if you have 100 dollars what are the things will you buy? Or where will you go using this money?  Every time, keep doubling the amount and at one point of time, you will feel that you are a millionaire and you will be filled with abundance.


Money Week:

Name a week as “Money Week” think that you will be receiving more money by end of the week. From the day 1 of that week keep practicing all the money manifestation practices. Never have a second thought “how” you will get the money. All you should focus is to practice, practice, and practice. Before the end of the week, you will be attracting money to you. You will become a Money Magnet and all the money will be flown to you.  Be grateful for all the more money coming in your way.

Money Month:

Same as money week, name a month as “Money Month”.  This is going to be a long month but if you keep practicing it daily without missing a practice, this is going to be the rich month of the year. You will keep seeing money everywhere in your life in one or other form. You will be receiving gifts, you will receive hike or unexpected bonus at work.

Universal Notifications:

We all use mobile/net banking these days. Whenever money is credited to your account, you will be receiving a message notification to your mobile. Keep visualizing that every day you get this! Every day you open your message folder and feel so happy and grateful for the money you have received.

If you do these practices and be in that “money state of mind” you will receive money from everywhere.  Trust in you and take inspired actions based on your inner saying. You will be prosperous in all aspects of your life.

Have a happy weekend ahead with loads of abundance. God Bless!


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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