Definition of Success in LOA

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A couple of weeks back I have visited New Delhi and met a few of our LOA students. Many doubts have been cleared and it was great to meet them in person. Many of you may have doubts in LOA and I am ready to answer your queries. The more we discuss the more the clarity we will get.  LOA is not just a practice-oriented thing. It is a living thing, it is a life changing thing, it is the way we should make our life beautiful and successful.

Success has many definitions. For example, Baya weaver is one of the bird species known for its exceptional skill in building the nest. A male baya weaver builds the nest and once the construction of the nest is halfway done, it begins to display to passing females by flapping their wings and calling while hanging from their nests. The females inspect the nest and signal their acceptance of a male. Once a male and a female are paired, the male goes on to complete the nest by adding the entrance tunnel. If in case, the female does not accept the nest, the male bird dismantles the nest and construct a new nest from the beginning, For this bird, success is the acceptance of the female bird.

If you want to become successful in life and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve, first you should “define” your success. Most importantly, success should make you happy. It could be anything but it should make you happy. I have listed a few points for you take away out of this article.

1. Define your success –  Write down your definite goals to achieve it

2. The journey towards success is key – if you always dreamt of the end result but not the “journey” it will not be a peaceful journey. – Enjoy every moment of your journey towards success

3. It is okay to face the failure – Failures are parts of success, if you fail you will learn if you learn you will attract the success much faster

4. Visualize the success all through your journey, like the Baya Weaver bird, it constructs the nest to attract the female, we can say it visualize the female bird’s acceptance even before the completion of the nest construction

5. Practice daily – it could be any practice, gratitude writing, affirmations anything. But practice daily, if you do so, your subconscious mind will make wonders for you.

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Rajesh Vairapandian.

LOA Life Coach

You+LOA=Financial Freedom

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Today, my third book on “Law of Attraction” series, got published in Amazon.
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You+LOA=Financial Freedom

This book talks about how one can manifest wealth into their life using the law of attraction and achieve financial freedom. 20 unique practices have been given in this book which can help you achieve your financial goals.

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Wish you a happy and blessed day ahead ?

Rajesh Vairapandian.
LOA Life Coach.

The Timing of Universe!

Few days back I was little disappointed with some issue. Being a super positive person with high energy filled soul guy, I had no idea how this “disappointment” came into my mind. I kept asking myself what went wrong and start doing a self assessment. But I could not figure it out. This “unknown” disappointment happens to all of us. Without reason we start feeling low or sad or frustrated. This happens even if you are a very positive person. This happens sometimes amidst your joyful day.

Then I decided to sit calm for few minutes. I closed my eyes and had a deep breathe. Then slowly my thoughts calmed down and I could start feeling very good. I feel the Universe took care of my disappointment and it was a great mental relief. After few minutes I opened my eyes and took my mobile to check something. At that very moment, this wonderful Universe delivered a message to me. That is, my first book on law of attraction ” 30 Powerful Visualisation Practices” became  the number 1 best seller in Amazon!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

It was a wonderful message which made my day. I regained my mental peacefulness, from then on again I was on right track. So, what is it this universe trying to tell us?

  1. If you are a positive person, whenever you feel low or disappointed, our wonderful Universe or God will NOT let you down
  2. You will be blessed with good news in an unexpected timing
  3. When you feel sad or frustrated, it means something BIG is coming on your way to wipe off your tears
  4. It is okay to be sad or feeling low for few minutes, but we should be back on track soon by calming our mind.(In the above example, to send off my disappointment I closed my eyes and quiet for sometime)
  5. Always Remember, if you are calm, you will receive an answer from the Universe/God.

Today is the first day of a new month. Have few goals for this month and achieve it. Be happy and spread your joy to others. When you feel sad, close your eyes and calm your mind.

This month I conduct one-to-one counselling for enhancing your life into next level. If you have any issues and seeking for a mentor, please do drop an email to me at

Wish you all a super month ahead with loads of happiness and blessings. 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

LOA Life Coach & Mentor.

Two types of Visualisation

Hello Amazing Souls,

In yesterday’s post we have seen How Visualization Works.

In today’s article, we are going to see the two types of Visualization.

Two Types:

  1. Process Visualization
  2. Outcome Visualization

Let us see these two in detail.

Process Visualization:

When you want to achieve a goal, what would you do? You will have action plans. Same way, visualization can be mastered using process visualization.

Example: Your goal: To live in your own house

Process Visualisation Steps:  You need to visualise how you will buy the house, you will apply for a home loan or use your savings, first you will search on the internet or thru agents. You will fix a location in your mind. Then, you will enquire about that location with your friends or family members or with real estate agents.Once the location is fixed, you will think about your finance and budget. Then, you will check which bank is giving home loan with less interest.  Then, you finalize the builders and approach them. Once everything is finalize, you will be looking forward to buy or built the house.

All the above steps needs to be visualised repeatedly in your mind, this is called “Process Visualisation”.  You have a goal, to achieve that goal you are doing the process repeatedly using visualisation.

Outcome Visualization:

Let us take the same example here, house.

Example: Your goal: To live in your own house

Outcome Visualization Steps:

In this second type of visualisation one should always focus on the end result, that is the outcome of the goal. What is the outcome of your goal in this example? It is, to live in your own house. So, you need to do the following:

Close your eyes and visualise you are “living” in your dream house. You are already moved in, you are sitting on the sofa in your living room and watching your  favourite movie in your home theatre. Your pet dog is sitting next to you. Someone is pressing the calling bell, you are reaching to your door and check who is that.

You are walking from your living room to your dining room and have your favourite dish. Your mother is serving you the best food. You are so happy and having a chat with your friend on the phone.

You are walking towards your balcony in your bedroom. It has the best ocean view. You are seeing the ships sailing across. You feel the wonderful breeze.

You are feeling sleepy now, going into your bedroom and switching off all the lights and going to bed.

All these are coming under “Outcome Visualisation”, You should visualise as if your desire is fulfilled already.

If you know the difference between these two, you can do your visualization perfectly. You might ask which is the best, both are best if you are able to detail it like the above example with heart filled with joy and super happiness.

If you are a novice, you can start with process visualisation and then move on to outcome visualisation, this will boost up your confidence.

If you are an expert in visualisation, then you can do outcome visualisation.

All the best! Happy Visualization!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

LOA Life Coach.


How Visualization Works?

Last week I was reading an article about how visualisation helped cricket players to achieve their best on the cricket field. It has brought me to write this article with more insight on the Visualization. When we heard the word “Visualization”  most of us relate it with “Thinking” and that is where the real mistake begin.To use visualization and get the desired result, one should understand it is not only about the thinking and also the basics of visualization and law of attraction.

Law of Attraction –> Visualization –> Desired Results

This Universe has many laws, one among them is Law of Attraction and it is the widely practiced law by the humans on this planet. LOA works on the “like attracts like” method/principle. Whatever you keep thinking and repeating in your mental(mind) image becomes a reality. If you keep thinking you will get a job, you will get it for sure. If you keep thinking you will fail in the interview or exam, you will fail for sure. It is that simple.

Now, you might have a question, Does thinking is law of attraction? Answer is NO. If you think particular thing for a minute and forget it about next minute then it cannot be manifested. it cannot become a reality.

To achieve in LOA, we have some key tools/methods. Affirmations, Meditations and Visualization are the three top most important methods.

In this article, let us see more about visualization.


I have heard from many that visualization does not work for them or get them less results. But is it true? No. Visualization always works! But, if you apply or use it in a right way!

How to Visualize?

For excelling in visualization, one should follow few important things, let me list it down:

  1. Visualization works far better after meditation, so it is good to do visualization after your meditation
  2. Visualization works if you feel it while visualising. Example: You want to taste an ice cream today evening and you are closing your eyes and visualising it. While doing so, your taste buds should feel the taste of that strawberry ice-cream!
  3. Visualization works if you give more details. Example: You are looking for your life partner. Visualise their colour of skin, their height, their outlook, their well behaved manners etc. Visualise a conversation with them, Example: He/She is calling you in your mobile and you are so happy to receive their call and speaks with much joy.
  4. Visualization works ONLY if your heart is filled with happiness. Yes! it is one of the most important point. If you are worried for something or someone and if you start doing visualization please remember it will NOT work. Your mind body and soul should be calm(this is the reason I asked you to do visualization after meditation in #1).
  5. Visualization works if you do it on a daily basis without a break. Daily stick to a particular timing and do visualization. This will easily make your sub-conscious mind believe in your visualization and bring it to reality very soon. Example: Have a reminder in your mobile daily 5.30A.M and 10.30P.M for visualization, do not give this time to anyone/anything else.
  6. Visualization works if you can create mental images, example: if you visualize about a house, create it in your mind first, see the door of that house, see the wallpaper or interior design of the house in your mind.
  7. Visualization can be done using your eyes closed, but it is also possible to visualize using your eyes opened( I teach this method over a 30mins LOA Call, email me for further details

In a nutshell, Visualization can help you achieve your goals/dreams in a very fast way. Most of the successful people on this planet has used visualization as the tool and succeeded in their life.

I wish you a happy visualization 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian

LOA Life Coach.


My Travel Story using Law of Attraction : To Inspire YOU!

On Jan 1st, 2017, I have jotted down the goals and desires for this year. One of my desire was “to visit 5 countries in Europe before the end of 2017”. Travel is one of my passion. Exploring new places, people and culture bring immense happiness to my heart and soul. So, I have written this desire.
I was very positive all the time and keep visualizing the countries I am going to travel. But I had no idea how am going to visit. As we all know, we should never think about the “how”. Universe/God will take care of that part. So all the day I was much grateful for the countries/places I have visited so far and waiting for the news from the Universe. From nowhere, I have come to know that I had to pack my bags for a London trip. It was not even in my plan but Universe has given me another Bonus. It was a “FULLY PAID” trip. Wow that was amazing! So in April 2017, I have visited London without spending a single penny from my pocket. So country number 1 – Ticked!
Once I back from London, I was thinking Universe/God has only planned for a London trip. However, I kept thinking and visualizing about my next trip. End of May 2017, I had an offer from one of the beautiful countries on the planet – Switzerland. I am a poet in Tamil Language and one of my readers has invited me to Switzerland for a discussion on Tamil poems. I had accepted the invitation and traveled to Switzerland in August 2017. From there, we went on a road trip to Italy, Germany, and France. Bonus: “Fully Paid” trip again! Four more countries – Ticked!

I was amazed to visit all the places which I had seen in my visualization. All the lakes, mountains, snow, sea, sky, islands all were perfectly matched with my mental image. I was like “Wow” this is amazing! I was so grateful to God all the way back home on the flight.

I didn’t know that it was over there. My flight to Hongkong(where I live) could not land on Hongkong due to bad weather and diverted to Vietnam! We were given the best hotel accommodation and all the expenses were taken care by the airlines! This was UNBELIEVABLE! Even though I was delayed to reach my destination, God has other plans to take me to another country!

I have asked to visit 5 countries, but Universe/God has shown me 6 countries and the miraculous thing is all were a fully paid trip. This is the power of belief, this is the power of Visualization.

Following are the points you can take out of my story:

1.I have not taken any steps to visit those countries – All I had was, firm belief in the Universe
2.I kept visualizing every day – Yes, you read it correct “Every day”
3.I was so grateful for the countries/Places I had visited earlier
4.I asked for 5, But Universe has given 6 and the very important thing to note is, all the expenses were taken care by the Universe
5.When my flight was delayed, I was not even negative for a single moment, which has resulted in visiting another country with the best stay
6.I have asked for a desire and stick to it with blind belief, Universe has shown the way

I hope my travel story has inspired you to be positive all the time and have belief in YOURSELF and the Universe/God. This is just one example, you can use visualization to achieve all your desires, It could be your dream Job, to clear your tough exam, a better relationship, to attract your soul mate, to travel all over the world and more.

I teach Visualization in detail in my monthly workshop, if interested read below 🙂

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Be a Master of your own life!

Rajesh Vairapandian

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Hello Amazing Souls,

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Happy Visualization

Rajesh Vairapandian

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An Accident and Two Learning :)

Date: 22-May-2016

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa.

I never thought that would happen to me. It was a Sunday evening and I went to the office for a critical project delivery. Yes, it was a Sunday 🙂  I have completed my task and head back home on the M1 highway. I was driving at a steady speed and from nowhere another car hit my car from behind and fled away. My car lost the control and flipped over twice and crashed into the nearby yard. All the airbags were blown up and I somehow opened the door and fell on the grass.  I was hit on my rib and was in immense pain. I was shouting “help me, help me”. Within few seconds all this happened, I was lying on the ground and few cars stopped by and people came for help.

In less than two minutes an Ambulance has arrived and I was taken to the hospital. I was not sure how badly I was hurt, I had no idea whether I will be alive or not. But I was conscious. At that time I had one firm thought. I told myself “Tonight at any cost, I am going home, I am coming out of the hospital and walk towards the parking” I kept saying this to me for several times. An emergency attendee was sitting next to me, she said: “Sir, nothing to worry, you will be alright, but please be calm“. Then I closed my eyes and many things came into my mind which I don’t remember clearly now.

Then within few minutes, I was taken to a nearby hospital and had a full check-up. By Gods grace, my Rib was not broken and I had miraculously escaped one of the fatal accident of my Life. All my friends arrived in that hospital and to everyone’s surprise, I was discharged that night itself and as I visualized I walked to the parking.

It is been exactly a year now and Life keeps on teaching me various things and I have learned a lot over this time. Faced new challenges, learned the ways to overcome those challenges, met new friends, traveled to few countries, learned to master visualization and written a book on it and more.

I have learned two important things which I would like to share with you all.

Learning 1:  Never criticize yourself

Never criticize yourself for anything. If I would have to say “I will die or I will not walk again” then we all know the Universe will listen to it and take our self-talk as a command and execute it. Instead, I kept saying myself I will walk off the same night and I did the same! I had not criticized myself for that accident.

Learning 2: Visualize your end result

When I was hit and fell on the roadside, I never thought that I will be taken to an operation theater in a hospital. Instead, I visualized that I will walk off the hospital on the same night. When you visualize the end result your manifestation will be in super fast mode. When you focus your energy on the end result, the universe will work like a robot. Always visualize the end result and never think of the “How”.

Life is the best teacher and we all should open to learning new things daily.  God is ready to listen to you all the time, I see life as the God.

May God Bless You 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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Hi Magical Souls,

Happy to announce that my new book in Law of Attraction series is getting published next week. “30 Powerful Visualization Practices” Here is the cover page!

Visualization Book
Stay tuned for more info on the book 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.




How to attract your dream Job – A story of Rs.100 to Rs.600000 in 30 Days

It was a breezy February morning in 2010; I met this guy in Marina Beach in Chennai. A man in his late twenties wearing a blue t-shirt and black Jean. He was sitting in front of the sea and saying something to himself. I walked up to him and sat next to him. Observed him for a minute and then asked him “What are you saying to yourself?”, Without wasting a nanosecond he replied: “ I talk to the most important person in this world – ME!”. My eyebrows raised, I asked him “Please tell me about this” and started to listen to him. Here is what he said:

“I was telling myself I am going to get the job offer today evening. I worked for a leading software company from 2006 and during the recession, I was thrown out of the company for NO reason. I lived a king’s life when I worked for them and I was always loyal to them, but in the end, I was shown the door for nothing. I felt very low after that and didn’t even speak to anyone for weeks. It was then I was introduced to a book named “The Secret”, I read several self-development books before but this book had some magic in it and specifically, I liked the “Visualization” part. So I decided to attract my next Job using visualization. I practiced visualization for exactly one month and today I attended the Interview in an IT company and am waiting for the offer letter. Here are the steps how I attracted the Interview:

Pre-Visualization Steps:

Step 1: Choose your place first, where you want to work. You are going to work for one company only so choose the name of your desired company. Example: Microsoft or Google

Step2:  Never have a second thought like this “Will I get a job? Am I worth it? Will I get 5lakhs per annum? Will I get selected?” – Remember, All these “doubts” are blocking the job coming your way!

Step 3: Don’t worry about “how”. “How will I get an offer in Google!!” “How can I get a job there with 10 thousand applicants along with me” – As per the law of attraction, “How” is not your job, Universe/God will take care of “how” and move the people and circumstances to reach you. Just forget the word “How” for a while ?

Step 4:  Apply for your desired Job (let us take google as your desired company)

During Visualization Steps:

Step 1: After applying for the desired Job, close your eyes and be in a calm place and visualize “Your job application reached the HR’s email. He/she opens the email and seeing your profile and calls his peers and tells, “Looks like this profile suits our requirement, Can we screen this profile? He says “Yes”

Step 2: Visualize, you are taking a nap after a hefty lunch. Suddenly, your mobile starts ringing and you see an unknown number calling you. You are attending the call and realize it is from Google HR department! Wow , you are jumping out of your bed in excitement and come to know that your profile has been picked for first round of interview. They say a call letter will be issued in ten mins. As expected, you get your call letter in your gmail account in ten mins. You open it with super excitement and see your name printed there and check the venue details.

Step 3: After you receive the call letter from Google, you are informing your parents/friends/beloved ones, saying you are going to attend an Interview in Google!

Step 4: After you inform all, you are back in your room and start reading some technical stuff and some “how to attend interview for team lead/software engineer position” on the internet and prepare yourself – Note: All this you are doing by closing your eyes and seeing thru your closed eyes and feel so happy that all your cells are glowing with super excitement!

Step 5: Visualize the interview date. Now the D-day has come! Yes, this is the day you are going to get your Job in Google! You get up early in the morning and are getting ready for the interview. Wearing a professional attire and kick start your bike to the Interview location.


Step 6: While driving, you feel so light and excited that after Interview you are going to call your parents and say this “I got selected in Google”, now you reached the Google office.

Step 7: You park your vehicle in the parking basement and get a token for it. Walking towards the elevator and press 2 as the interview call letter says the second floor.

Step 8: You are seeing two other guys joining you in the elevator and you reach the second floor. The moment you steps out of the elevator, you feel the chill air from the air-conditioned room. It is so refreshing after a long drive from your home. You reach out to the receptionist now.

Step 9: Receptionist says a hello to you and hands over a form to fill. You fill up the form and give it back to her and she asks you to wait.

Step 10: Now you are relaxed and sitting on the comfortable sofa observing the interior decoration of that huge waiting hall. Walls are painted nicely and you can see “G O O G L E” board behind the head of that receptionist.  Plants with big leaves are kept on the corner of the hall.

Step 10: You have been asked to come in with much excitement and little nervous you are entering into the room where you will be interviewed.

Step 11: Interviewer wears a spectacles and he is a middle aged man in his crocodile t-shirt. He speaks very softly and you have answered all his questions confidently. After few mins he gives you a firm handshake which gave you a feeling that says “Welcome to Google” 🙂

Step 12: You are asked to wait for few more mins outside the interviewer room and an HR lady comes to you and says this with a warm smile on her lips “Congrats, you have been selected for Google. We will share your offer letter shortly thru email, you may leave for now. See you soon in Google”

Step 13: You thanked her and rushed to the door of that room, you do not want to wait for the elevator and run down the staircase. Take out your mobile and call your parents and say “Mommmmmmmmmm, yayyyyyyyy I got selected in Google”

Step 14: Now you head back to home with excitement and go directly into a sweet shop and buy sweets for all

Step 15: You are now in your room checking your emails. You see “Offer Letter-From Google Corp” in the subject and are astonished to see that you have been given more than you asked for!

That is it; you attracted your desired job using LOA and Visualization!  My friend this is how I attracted the job offer and am sure this evening I will get an email with my offer.

He told me all this and I was stunned to know how he attracted a job using visualization. He added saying this, “At one point after I lost my job I did not even having 100 Rupees to recharge my mobile, but today am going to get 6Lakhs salary package all because the visualization and the belief that universe/God will give me what I wanted. After he told me this, all of a sudden he vanished. Only I was there sitting in front of the ocean. Yes it is my own story. I attracted my Job this way; you could write your own story once you attract your desired job. All the very best! 🙂

Yes it is my own story. I attracted my Job this way; you could write your own story once you attract your desired job. All the very best! 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.