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A couple of weeks back I have visited New Delhi and met a few of our LOA students. Many doubts have been cleared and it was great to meet them in person. Many of you may have doubts in LOA and I am ready to answer your queries. The more we discuss the more the clarity we will get.  LOA is not just a practice-oriented thing. It is a living thing, it is a life changing thing, it is the way we should make our life beautiful and successful.

Success has many definitions. For example, Baya weaver is one of the bird species known for its exceptional skill in building the nest. A male baya weaver builds the nest and once the construction of the nest is halfway done, it begins to display to passing females by flapping their wings and calling while hanging from their nests. The females inspect the nest and signal their acceptance of a male. Once a male and a female are paired, the male goes on to complete the nest by adding the entrance tunnel. If in case, the female does not accept the nest, the male bird dismantles the nest and construct a new nest from the beginning, For this bird, success is the acceptance of the female bird.

If you want to become successful in life and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve, first you should “define” your success. Most importantly, success should make you happy. It could be anything but it should make you happy. I have listed a few points for you take away out of this article.

1. Define your success –  Write down your definite goals to achieve it

2. The journey towards success is key – if you always dreamt of the end result but not the “journey” it will not be a peaceful journey. – Enjoy every moment of your journey towards success

3. It is okay to face the failure – Failures are parts of success, if you fail you will learn if you learn you will attract the success much faster

4. Visualize the success all through your journey, like the Baya Weaver bird, it constructs the nest to attract the female, we can say it visualize the female bird’s acceptance even before the completion of the nest construction

5. Practice daily – it could be any practice, gratitude writing, affirmations anything. But practice daily, if you do so, your subconscious mind will make wonders for you.

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My Travel Story using Law of Attraction : To Inspire YOU!

On Jan 1st, 2017, I have jotted down the goals and desires for this year. One of my desire was “to visit 5 countries in Europe before the end of 2017”. Travel is one of my passion. Exploring new places, people and culture bring immense happiness to my heart and soul. So, I have written this desire.
I was very positive all the time and keep visualizing the countries I am going to travel. But I had no idea how am going to visit. As we all know, we should never think about the “how”. Universe/God will take care of that part. So all the day I was much grateful for the countries/places I have visited so far and waiting for the news from the Universe. From nowhere, I have come to know that I had to pack my bags for a London trip. It was not even in my plan but Universe has given me another Bonus. It was a “FULLY PAID” trip. Wow that was amazing! So in April 2017, I have visited London without spending a single penny from my pocket. So country number 1 – Ticked!
Once I back from London, I was thinking Universe/God has only planned for a London trip. However, I kept thinking and visualizing about my next trip. End of May 2017, I had an offer from one of the beautiful countries on the planet – Switzerland. I am a poet in Tamil Language and one of my readers has invited me to Switzerland for a discussion on Tamil poems. I had accepted the invitation and traveled to Switzerland in August 2017. From there, we went on a road trip to Italy, Germany, and France. Bonus: “Fully Paid” trip again! Four more countries – Ticked!

I was amazed to visit all the places which I had seen in my visualization. All the lakes, mountains, snow, sea, sky, islands all were perfectly matched with my mental image. I was like “Wow” this is amazing! I was so grateful to God all the way back home on the flight.

I didn’t know that it was over there. My flight to Hongkong(where I live) could not land on Hongkong due to bad weather and diverted to Vietnam! We were given the best hotel accommodation and all the expenses were taken care by the airlines! This was UNBELIEVABLE! Even though I was delayed to reach my destination, God has other plans to take me to another country!

I have asked to visit 5 countries, but Universe/God has shown me 6 countries and the miraculous thing is all were a fully paid trip. This is the power of belief, this is the power of Visualization.

Following are the points you can take out of my story:

1.I have not taken any steps to visit those countries – All I had was, firm belief in the Universe
2.I kept visualizing every day – Yes, you read it correct “Every day”
3.I was so grateful for the countries/Places I had visited earlier
4.I asked for 5, But Universe has given 6 and the very important thing to note is, all the expenses were taken care by the Universe
5.When my flight was delayed, I was not even negative for a single moment, which has resulted in visiting another country with the best stay
6.I have asked for a desire and stick to it with blind belief, Universe has shown the way

I hope my travel story has inspired you to be positive all the time and have belief in YOURSELF and the Universe/God. This is just one example, you can use visualization to achieve all your desires, It could be your dream Job, to clear your tough exam, a better relationship, to attract your soul mate, to travel all over the world and more.

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