An Accident and Two Learning :)

Date: 22-May-2016

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa.

I never thought that would happen to me. It was a Sunday evening and I went to the office for a critical project delivery. Yes, it was a Sunday 🙂  I have completed my task and head back home on the M1 highway. I was driving at a steady speed and from nowhere another car hit my car from behind and fled away. My car lost the control and flipped over twice and crashed into the nearby yard. All the airbags were blown up and I somehow opened the door and fell on the grass.  I was hit on my rib and was in immense pain. I was shouting “help me, help me”. Within few seconds all this happened, I was lying on the ground and few cars stopped by and people came for help.

In less than two minutes an Ambulance has arrived and I was taken to the hospital. I was not sure how badly I was hurt, I had no idea whether I will be alive or not. But I was conscious. At that time I had one firm thought. I told myself “Tonight at any cost, I am going home, I am coming out of the hospital and walk towards the parking” I kept saying this to me for several times. An emergency attendee was sitting next to me, she said: “Sir, nothing to worry, you will be alright, but please be calm“. Then I closed my eyes and many things came into my mind which I don’t remember clearly now.

Then within few minutes, I was taken to a nearby hospital and had a full check-up. By Gods grace, my Rib was not broken and I had miraculously escaped one of the fatal accident of my Life. All my friends arrived in that hospital and to everyone’s surprise, I was discharged that night itself and as I visualized I walked to the parking.

It is been exactly a year now and Life keeps on teaching me various things and I have learned a lot over this time. Faced new challenges, learned the ways to overcome those challenges, met new friends, traveled to few countries, learned to master visualization and written a book on it and more.

I have learned two important things which I would like to share with you all.

Learning 1:  Never criticize yourself

Never criticize yourself for anything. If I would have to say “I will die or I will not walk again” then we all know the Universe will listen to it and take our self-talk as a command and execute it. Instead, I kept saying myself I will walk off the same night and I did the same! I had not criticized myself for that accident.

Learning 2: Visualize your end result

When I was hit and fell on the roadside, I never thought that I will be taken to an operation theater in a hospital. Instead, I visualized that I will walk off the hospital on the same night. When you visualize the end result your manifestation will be in super fast mode. When you focus your energy on the end result, the universe will work like a robot. Always visualize the end result and never think of the “How”.

Life is the best teacher and we all should open to learning new things daily.  God is ready to listen to you all the time, I see life as the God.

May God Bless You 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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London Learning – How to remove Limitations?


Last weekend I was in London [I have attracted this trip using this method :)] Being a Cricket fanatic, I wanted to visit the historical Lords Cricket Ground and reached there at 11 A.M for the ground tour. A guide took us through the pavilion, balconies and other places of the ground. He was explaining everything in a detailed manner. Among us, there were two boys around 7 or 8 years old. They were listening to the guide keenly and kept on asking several questions. Their enthusiasm was amazing but what made others stunned was the answer they told to the guide for a particular question. In Lords ground, there is a board hanging on the pavilion wall. It is called Honours board. When a player hits a century or taken five wickets in Lords ground, their name will be added to this board and it is a dream for every cricketer.

When the guide was explaining this to us, he turned to those two boys and asked

“Are you happy to see this board little men?”

They both replied instantly “Yes we are, but we will be happier to see our name up there”

Listening to this conversation, I was shocked for a moment.  We all wanted to visit the historical places, but in this budding age those boys had a big dream and marching towards history! In fact, they wanted to be part of the history. I wished their dad and told him one day I will see them on the same ground playing cricket for their country. He has taught them one thing, our mind has NO limit. That sparks me to write this article.


Most of us are excelled in one thing – Limiting ourselves. Before we could know the problem, we block our mind not letting it think of the solution. Before we face a challenge we tell to our mind that we cannot do it. If we are applying for a Job in a multinational company, before even knowing the opportunities we inform our mind that “this is a big company, I will not get the Job here” we are masters in limiting our own potential.

Some people are even more good in giving wrong advice to others and try to limit others mind!  We have a BIG universe in front of us, we have millions of opportunities in front of us, we have thousands of role models walking before us, but still, we are super good in limiting ourselves. As you know, our Sub-conscious mind is our servant when we order something to it. But once our inner servant receives the order, he will work wonder and make all our orders become a reality! So, when you limit yourself all the doors of possibilities, all the windows of positivities are purposefully closed by your own Sub-conscious mind!  As I mentioned earlier, sub-conscious mind is your servant when he receives the order. But when he started executing those orders given by you, he works like a workhorse and makes sure your order has been executed 100%.

How to remove limitations?

So, the million dollar question for all of us is, how do we remove limitations? It is a simple process.  I listed down few key points for you to take a note of it.

  1. Never say “I cannot”  before you start anything, you cannot live in antartica so be happy and accept the challenge first.
  2. Once you accepted the challenge, start exploring it. Lets take an example here, you were given an assignment in your college about Underwater Speciecs.  You have no idea about it and the next moment you get nervous and you start telling to yourself that you cannot do this assignment. Mr.Servant – Sub-conscious recevies your order and make you zero progress on the assessment. Instead, just tell to yourself, “I am new to this, but I will explore it and do this assignment successfully” If you say so, again Mr.Servant wakes up and he receives your order and make the people or circumstances to work for you and get the assignment done.
  3. During your challenge(in this case – assignment) whenever you feel low just relax and have a quick self-talk saying “I am feeling low now, But I am above the issue, I am above the low level, my Universe/God is working for me” – This will make you feel ease that someone else is working for you!
  4. Once you overcome the challenge, be grateful for each and every moments and fill your heart, mind and soul with happiness. Happines is the best gift you can give to your sub-conscious mind!
  5. If you think you are unable to do your work or you are unmoved from your current situation, you are attracting the same results. If you need a good result you should think of the good beginning. It is that simple!

Never limit or self-doubt yourself. Your inner being has more potential than you think of. Hundred years back if wright brothers had limitations we would have not seen the metal bird – aeroplane on the planet now.

Life is limitless. Universe is limitless. Your mind is limitless. You are a infinite being. Life the life without any limit and be happy with a huge smile on your face always. Life is yours! 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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Power of Self-Talk : Three practices to master self-talk

It was back in 2005 my friend Ram and I was traveling to Madura. We both were traveling from New Delhi to Madura by bus. Ram has bought new Adidas shoes and he loved those blue and white color design. Even before we could reach Madura, he was repeatedly saying to me Madura temple is a crowded place and if we keep our shoes outside it will be stolen. I could understand how much he liked his new shoes and all the time during our travel his mind was thinking about the safety of his shoes.

Once we reached Madura, we kept our shoes outside and Ram kept his shoes under a staircase where no one can find it easily. Then we went inside, but he kept on saying ‘Someone will take my shoes, it is not safe’ he repeated this for several times until we come out of the temple. He ran to that staircase and found nothing. Yes, his shoes had been stolen by someone, only his shoes out of thousands.

So, what has happened in this case? Ram’s sub-conscious mind started to believe his self-talk and it has ordered a person to take those shoes away by obeying his words.  This is the power of self-talk. This is the power of self. Whatever you feed to your mind it will accept it and respond back with 100% accuracy. In Ram’s case, he has fed a negative thing and the result was negative. So, now you know if you feed positive things to your mind you will reap the positive outcome.

Here I have listed few self-talk practices to manifest your desire, to improve your self-confidence level and self-esteem. Also, if you are afraid of public speaking you can overcome that using these practices.

  1. Mirror Power: Every morning you spend some time in front of the mirror. You do this to enhance your beauty by some external things, for example applying a cream to your face. However, did you ever speak to yourself in front of the mirror? If not, it is time to do it from today. Look at your eyes, those eyebrows, nose, your lips, cheeks and if you have a long foot mirror see your entire self. Speak to your image. Remember, sub-conscious understands images faster than words. Your reflection in the mirror is your own self-image. Talk to your own image and speak out the positive words.

“I am the winner, I deserve a better life. I have all the abundance of this beautiful life. Today is my day, I love myself more than anyone, I am the best, I am the champion of my own life”

You can say these kinds of affirmations for few minutes by seeing your image. Keep doing this for at least a month. Then you will see the positive shift in your life. By doing this you have made your sub-conscious to believe that you are the best. So it will make a bridge between you and Universe/God and transfer your words and get the outcome as per your wish.

2. Shower Power: When you are under a warm water shower, your body get energized and all your cells are simulated by the running water all over your body. Your body and mind will be in receiving state during this time. It is the best time to have a self-conversation with you. We have heard of many “bathroom singers” in our life. Why can’t you speak to yourself by utilizing this time and improve yourself? You can repeat all those positive affirmations and come out of the shower with much self-confidence. In this busy life, you can properly use your shower time to shape up your future.


 3.Travel Power:  This practice can be done during your travel. When you are traveling in a train/bus/car you can have a conversation with yourself silently. When you get out of your house and travel to one place from another your eyes are looking into multiple images. All the motion images are simply going into your mind and come out without having much impact.  If you keep talking to yourself slowly your mind will listen to you and the wandering mind will be focusing only thing only, it is YOU. So, make use of your travel time and speak to the most important person in this world –YOU.

All the leaders, successful people has mastered self-talk. They knew their success before they could achieve it. I end this article with one of the most powerful self-talk from one of the legendary sports person, Mohammad Ali.

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was”

You have come to this planet to live only one life. Live a life filled with abundance. Have a great day ahead: )


Rajesh Vairapandian.