Definition of Success in LOA

Dear All, 

A couple of weeks back I have visited New Delhi and met a few of our LOA students. Many doubts have been cleared and it was great to meet them in person. Many of you may have doubts in LOA and I am ready to answer your queries. The more we discuss the more the clarity we will get.  LOA is not just a practice-oriented thing. It is a living thing, it is a life changing thing, it is the way we should make our life beautiful and successful.

Success has many definitions. For example, Baya weaver is one of the bird species known for its exceptional skill in building the nest. A male baya weaver builds the nest and once the construction of the nest is halfway done, it begins to display to passing females by flapping their wings and calling while hanging from their nests. The females inspect the nest and signal their acceptance of a male. Once a male and a female are paired, the male goes on to complete the nest by adding the entrance tunnel. If in case, the female does not accept the nest, the male bird dismantles the nest and construct a new nest from the beginning, For this bird, success is the acceptance of the female bird.

If you want to become successful in life and achieve whatever you wanted to achieve, first you should “define” your success. Most importantly, success should make you happy. It could be anything but it should make you happy. I have listed a few points for you take away out of this article.

1. Define your success –  Write down your definite goals to achieve it

2. The journey towards success is key – if you always dreamt of the end result but not the “journey” it will not be a peaceful journey. – Enjoy every moment of your journey towards success

3. It is okay to face the failure – Failures are parts of success, if you fail you will learn if you learn you will attract the success much faster

4. Visualize the success all through your journey, like the Baya Weaver bird, it constructs the nest to attract the female, we can say it visualize the female bird’s acceptance even before the completion of the nest construction

5. Practice daily – it could be any practice, gratitude writing, affirmations anything. But practice daily, if you do so, your subconscious mind will make wonders for you.

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Rajesh Vairapandian.

LOA Life Coach

Success Story  – Using LOA Simplified

Hello sir and dear friends,

This is my first success story and i am feeling blessed and happy to share with you all. These all happened After i joined rajesh sir’s 15 days workshop, days were passing and i was in my routine, i talked to him whenever i felt low and he gave me amazing solutions that lifted my spirit and filled me with confidence and fearlessness. Please note that i am a civil service aspirant, lost the state civil service by few marks but under his guidance i will soon be there. I want to share below the little pieces of my success (so less time but sir is magical that your wishes has to come true)

1. We have a WhatsApp group in which sir gives regular guidance and solve our queries and checks whether everyone is practising regularly and we play LOA challenges because of which i now perform most crucial things regularly; meditation and visualisation more than 2 times a day and be happy rest of the time. I thank all the members of it who are so inspirational.
2. I had braces in my teeth and doctor gave me a plates to wear on them after they were removed. I didn’t wear them for 5 days and suddenly one of my tooth started going backward.. And dentist said it won’t come forward and i will have to be like this. This made me cry but i got an idea to visualise my perfect state of beautiful teeth. So i kept my old picture as my wallpaper and visualised the perfect shape of my teeth for 5 minutes and felt happiness from inside and felt grateful whenever i saw it and wore the cap again and got busy in my work. You won’t believe that in few days i saw shifting of that damn tooth. I jumped and thanked the universe that loves me a lot.
3. I had an exam in August and i started studying just before 15 days.. After some days i lost my confidence and it gave me a headache that i couldn’t even read. Again an idea popped up in my mind, i wrote a letter to God, believe me there is no alternative to this practice.. I don’t know what speed it has but the answer comes in 2 to 5 days. My answer came the next day during which i shared my problem with sir and he very sensibly solved the issue by practically explaining me all the aspects. I was so relieved by the advice sir gave me and started repeating those solutions. I attempted 160 questions and broke my own record of attempting only around 100 questions and did really well. This was beyond my expectations. So he is a parent, a best friend, a mentor and a guru all of them.
3. Few days back i was running low on money because of my startup and i wanted to eagerly attend his 20 days workshop… I said to myself that if i would have money i will join it otherwise i will practice from the old course.. And it was just a thought.. I think within 5 days.. He enrolled me in his 20 days workshop which he was gifting everyone for free and very late i came to know that it’s free.. I literally jumped with Joy. What can be better than this. Universe always gives you a little extra. Heartfelt gratitude sir!

4.Now this is the most important one. I used to read a lot of success stories that came in my email and i dreamt of getting myself posting my big success stories because little wishes were getting manifested and not the big ones.
I am a civil service aspirant and people like me either get into some government organisations or opt for a part time job according to their preference with their studies. Depression was taking over me and i didn’t wanted to ask for more money from my parents although they never refused. I struggled for many months before i joined rajesh sir’s workshop. I thought to give it a try and did regular meditation and visualisations which are the base if we want to be a magnet of everything in this world, take my words for this. After a month or so,i was still writing articles and poems for my blog because i wanted to have my earned money. One day my best friend criticised me for not having a single rupee of savings and all my friends have, i spent many sleepless nights after that but i was regularly meditating , visualizing and expressing gratitude and taking actions and used to read an article on gratitude every morning. One day i thought to put up a stall in my city’s most famous exhibition. I shared this thought with my sis in law.. She agreed to join me, we decided to experiment with Indian dresses in regional handblock and handloom prints of India like bagru, chanderi, bagh, ikkat which is rarely seen and was my childhood dream. I borrowed some money, paid for the stall, made dresses and launched it under the brand name ‘Chokhi’. The young generation loved our prints and dresses and bought them. I am damn happy. Point to be noted here : I used to wear office wear every morning and felt like i am going to office and used to complete the writing assignments daily. This made me feel as if i have started working. Hence, everyday dress up what you want to be with other practices.

4. This is a small story of my stomach ache which was there from 2 months because most of my time goes in studying on a chair so i have less physical activity.
One day i couldn’t bear it and was only eating the non spicy food and i decided to say that my stomach is fully fit and i am going for cycling, running every day and eating whatever i love in front of the mirror and other times. I also thanked my stomach 20 times for his role in my body. 2 days had passed and my mom asked to meet my 80 years old ayurveda doctor. Thats it, i got cured in 2 days of his medication, for which i was taking all the other medicines that didn’t work.
5. I am madly in love with photography since years and i am an ardent follower of the renowned photographer Sir Steve McCurry. Under his influence I used to click photographs like him. Although i was turned down due to lack of a photographic camera. Under the effect of LOA i met him in Jaipur where he was a chief guest of an international literature festival. After Rajesh Sir’s workshop, i made my photography page on Facebook and begin posting even the pictures i took from my cellphone. My dreams are taking shape.I believe my own camera would be soon in my hands.
These are the few but the most beautiful incidents of my life which i got because i keenly followed sir’s practices with meditation and visualisation.
I believe universe pour energy in us during meditation and slowly you become a magnet for miracles.

So, my actual life has started now because i always think that my wish has already been achieved and thanked universe for it so many times and then get myself busy in work. Also, i used to write every small or big goal in the wishlist with the date of its completion and used to spend time around a lake or in trees for some time in a week. It recharges my soul and fills me with positive aura.
And our mentor, the most humble person Rajesh Sir, it is you to whom the credit goes of the reconstruction of my life. And deep gratitude for helping us and changing our lives and making us believe in ourselves.

With love and gratitude,
Singhvi Ankita

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Rajesh Vairapandian.

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10 Powerful Practices for Manifestation : My new book!

Hello Friends!

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30 Powerful Visualization Practices – New E-Book

Today is world book day, I am super excited and happy to share that my first book in Law of Attraction got published now on Amazon. It is a kindle ebook. This is a series of 3 books and the next book will be published soon. Please read and share the feedback of the book.

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1.Working hard but not earning more money
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7.Unable to overcome painful past
8.Have many goals but unable to achieve them
9.Unable to control the anger
10.Want to be happy for every single minute

If your answer is YES for any of the above, then this book (guide) is for you.

This book(guide) has 30 powerful visualization practices to manifest your desires. You can use these for attracting your soul mate, excel in your career, boost your business sale, have a perfect health, manifesting Money and more. In a nutshell, you can use these practices to attract abundance into your life.

God Bless You.
Rajesh Vairapandian


Gratitude –  Two powerful practices and benefits


Gratitude practices are the most important practices for a Law of Attraction practitioners. In fact, gratitude practices are very simple to follow but the effect of these practices are significantly high. In this article, we will see few practices and their benefits.

If you keep doing gratitude practice, your mental strength will improve, your relationship will improve, you will get good sleep, your physical health will improve and more.

Being grateful for all the blessings we got in our life is the ONLY thing we can do it in return to God. God has given us this life which itself is a big blessing. To make your life beautiful is in our mind. If you are grateful for everything your life will become meaningful and beautiful. But how many of us saying thank you to God for what we have? We always thank God once our prayers are answered. Instead, we should thank and be grateful every minute of our life which will make our life the most beautiful one.

I have listed few gratitude practices to improve all your aspects of life. Follow these practices daily and you will see amazing results within 30 days!

  1. Gratitude Journal:

You would have heard about a gratitude journal if you are a Law of Attraction Practitioner. This is a very simple but very powerful practice to express your gratitude to this Universe/God.  All you need is a journal/notebook. You need to write your blessings daily in the morning in your gratitude journal. But are you practicing this practice in a correct way? If you “just” jolt down few points of your blessings and said thank you then it is not the correct way of doing it. When you write your blessing the words should come from your heart.

You should have a high vibrating happy mood while writing each and every word. Your body, mind, and soul should be in much happiness state. Because you are thanking your blessings! You could be grateful for your health, just remember how much you are blessed by God and how many people in this world does not have a good health like you. Think about that and never take your blessings as granted.

2.Hourly Thanks:

This is a reminder practice I do for years now. Have an hourly reminder saved in your mobile phone as “Time for Thank You 🙂 “. So, every one hour you will be reminded that you need to be grateful for the good things in your life. We all busy with our day to day work and easily forget to be grateful for the blessings we have in our life. Using this practice within few days your subconscious mind will be programmed for hourly gratitude practice. After a month, you need not have a reminder, automatically your heart will say thanks for all the good things/blessings in your life.


If you keep practicing these gratitude practices you will become an optimistic person. You will start thanking each and every thing in your life. You will be grateful for tiny things which you have taken as granted earlier. Your career, health, relationship, money, peacefulness everything will be improved and you will start appreciating the life instead of complaining.

All your dreams will come true one by one and you will get the abundance of life. You will start living in the present and your anxiety about future will vanish. Your self-esteem will be improved and you will be confident on all your activities. Your decision-making skills will be improved a lot if you keep practicing gratitude.

Gratitude helps you to overcome a negative situation because your mind will see only the positive things or try to change that negative situation into a positive one.

Overall gratitude makes you feel good all the time.

I hope you like will follow these easy but powerful practice to make your life happier. If you like this post, please visit and like my page in Facebook.

Have a great grateful weekend ahead 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.